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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning


Day 2

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 9:07 PM
Day 2 Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center
As part of our Home Education Program do a daily excersize program with the children Grandma will call Childrobotix
Work into a what we call Creative Dance in which the music is played and stopped and the children must freeze. Explain to the children how space is all around us and we are just taking up part of that space. Go through it a few times. Have some fun with it.(30 minutes)
Birthdays-Themselves(Health) and History, Social Studies, writing and Reading
Next while you home school in our Home Education Program discuss how every person has a day they were born on in the year, meaning we all have Birthday's. On a calendar make every birthday you want your child to remember or celebrate. Then discuss with your children that certain famous writers and people's birthdays have been recorded in Grandma's Book 1 she discussed in the first day's lessons.
Grandma will give you the people and days for the four days of Septemeber this weekend including Friday and Monday the 9th. I will catch up the rest later in the weeks. For September 6 The Marquis De Lafayette, a Revelutionary War hero was born in 1757, John Dalton, English chemist, physicist, and developer offff the atomic theory was born in 1860, and the last one: Jane Addams, American social worker and humanitarian who founded the Hull House was born in 1860. These people can be marked down in a calendar or on sheets of stickem papers and layered on that day. On the next day Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden, American geologist who was instrumental in the creation of Yellowstone National Park was born September 7 in 1829, Grandma Moses-Anna Mary Robertson moses, American primitive painter was born; Buddy Holly, American singer, guitarist, and songwriter was born that day in 1936. These can be kept on your calenday someway. Then September 8 Jack Prelutsky, children's author and illustrator was born in 1940. I wrote some of his poems down to display maybe you might consider the same. Get some animal poem books from the library that hold his work: another Children's author and illustrator, Michael Hague was born this day in 1948.(record these). The last day we will record is September 9 when William Bligh, English captain of HMS Bounty at the time of the famous mutiny was born in 1754; then in 1903 on this day Phyllis Whitney, children's author was born. In 1906 on this day Aileen Fisher, children's author was born. Make record of all these people and when the were born. Go into a discussion about why birthday celebrations as well as other celebrations are a good thing. Number one they release stress and get things in the open about diffferences to release stress, therefore things can be worked out and negotiated in families. It is when they do not speak and negotiate that there is problems. Also laughter and fun releases stress, some people make the excuss they are too much trouble; these people are the ones that make all the tension and hide everthing under a carpet till they want to use it to their advantage. They get control that way.These are just Grandma's opinions though. Ask your children what they think.(30 minutes)
Seasons and Weather(30 minutes)-Science
Next discuss with your children in the home school as part of you Home Education Program about how different regions have different seasons. Let them know it is still Summer and actually quite hot here in Omaha, Nebraska. Talk about each season and draw pictures of each naming them or paste pictures of different seasons on paper. It can be used in a book if wish. Use another calendar or a way of marking what kind of weather we have each day. This can be done with just a marker if wish. Grandma has a game in which different things pertaining to each season can be placed  on the different seasons.Explain how the hot and cold airs hit each other and that is where the storms hit whether it be snow or rain. Explain how waves of action in our weather go across  our states and depending where the humps or hills go down or up makes our differences in the weather also. This can easily be done with a map covered with plastic sticky clear plastic paper or have a printing company cover it in plastic called laminate. This way a washable marker can be used and wiped off. Give the children turns pretending they are giving a weather forcast. You can also discuss how the weather might be different in another area of our world this time of year.
History and Social Studies
To round out the rest of the History and Social Study lessons for the day parents can talk to the children they home school in the Home Education Program how we believe as Christians that after man and woman were created the devil as a serpent out of spite to God came to convince Eve to eat of the fruit God forbade them to eat. Upon eating the fruit God had plenty to say about of it and took them out of the Garden of Eden to toil the soil. Discuss how their sons Abel and Cain fought and one was killed. Then talk about what happened to the one who lived and how man became after that. Read and talk about what happened to people after that and because Noah made God happy he had Noah build a big ship and load all the animals on it according to God's wishes. Talk about what happened to Noah and his family after that. Try to keep the bible studies a little seperate from the American history on the time line but it should also become part of the time line.The smurf's in my book shows them dressed like Egyptians. Talk to them about how different people went to diffferent lands. Many of these people are considered to be explorers. They thought the Vikings were the first to set ffoot on North American. However, another tribe of explorers came before that on an island between Iceland and Great Britain. Older children can watch my video on Iceland later in the day. Go on to explain how country was moved into by people from other land and that it was inhabited by Natives before that. Read about the Natives and different tribes. Look it up on the computer. See what the llibrary has to offfer about it. Try to discuss peoples lives in other countries and on the different Continents again. A lot of books can be found at the libraries. Let your children know Grandma will only give up through the 17th Century until it is all covered. Be sure and start a good study about the Natives. Do not try to do it all in one day. Grandma will try to give you only so much a day and cover as much out of her Book 1 as possible. September 6 1628 the Massachesetts Bay Colony was established in Salem Mass., by 100 English Puritans. Discuss what they were like and how life may have been. Talk about Pocohantis and James Smith. Discuss how the Marquis De Lafayete served as a volunteer and what things the children parents home school can think of as volunteer workm see if  there is any as a family  you can carry out. This is an activity from Grandma's book 1. Next discuss how the Constitutional Conventions and to adopt a 4-year term for president September 6, 1787 after President Frankline Roosevelt died in office after his fourth term. Then discuss how Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian navigator for whom America was named, returned to Lisbon after his third trip to the New World our Continent September 7 1502 .Grandma's Book 1 also gives certain things honored or celebrated in a month. One of those things for September Is that we Celebrate Ice Cream Month. Point out that the book also discusses how Americans eat about 15 quarts of ice cream each year. Discuss how many flavors of ice cream there actually are( over 200) and which is the most popular(vanilla). Discuss their favorite. With this go into a discussion of other things they like or dislike. Make a record of it. Discuss if they think Ice cream is actually so bad for a person and why, maybe look it up in the computer. This will lead you into a discussion about foods good and bad for you and why. This could include GMO's, Mansonto, and other bad things. Keep a chart of good and bad foods on a chart or poster.Divide foods by a pyamid and the different food groups. Keep a record all month if not all year.Go on into the discussion of September Observances, Weeklong Events, Special Days and Celebrations. From Book 1 of Grandma's the monthlong observances are All-American Breakfast Month which you can discuss as good and bad food to eat then, Next is Cable TV Month, Emergency Care Month, of course Ice Cream Month, International Cooperation in Learning Month, International Solar Month, Library Card sign-up Month, National Cat Health Month, National Chicken Month, NationalCholesterol Education Month, National Courtesy Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, National Honey Month, National Piano Month, National Sight-Ssaving Month. Discuss all of these. Next talk about Weeklong Events of Full Employment Week(full week beginning with Labor Day;; Constitution Weed(Sept. 17-23), National Dog Week9last full week), Roller Skating Week(last full week) Discuss these. Next talk about Labor Day9first Monday), Grandparents Day(first Sunday after Labor Day), International Day of Peace(third Tuesday), Native American Day(fourth Friday), National Good Neighbor Day9fourth Sunday), Rosh Hashanah(usually falls in Sept.), Yom Kippur910 days affter Rosh hashanah), First day of fall(Sept. 22 or 23. Make record of September 8, 1565 when the Spaniards founded St. Augustine, Fl, the oldest city in the United States.Then talk about the September 9 event in 1689 of Peter the Great, age 17, took power in Russia.Tell your children that you will discuss that more with the study of Asia later. Then talk about the September 9 event in 1776 when the Continental Congress made the name"United States" official.
For Math and Art
Parents and children can draw pictures of various happenings, animals, foods, ect. and count or do math with various items in the days study.
For Language and writing
Think of words, maybe start words in other languages, write about events, feelings, Work on newspapers, make cartoons, poems if they are aware of these things. Add things to the yearbooks. Write in their journals. What you may not have time for hold for the next day. Try to stay small and work up on things as the studies move forward. Grandma will try not to go to far ahead either. 

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