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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning


Day 34

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 4:01 AM
Hi! It is Friday and Grandma is finally getting ahead. As soon as you have all your jobs and tasks  done for the day you can engage in a prayer and study this section of the bible. Genesis 41:41-57, Genesis42, 43, 44, and 45.There was a great famine about to happen and Joseph becomes part of it. Faith Alive ask Questions and gives some answers as follows:
Did You know? 42:8 Why did Joseph pretend to bea stranger to his brothers? Joseph wanted to find out if his brothers realized what they did to him was wrong. Joseph kept on testing them, until at last they showed they really cared for their father and each other too. Discuss this information among your selves. Faith Alive also talks about the Nile rivier in those times. It says, "The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world. The people of Egypt lived along the top or northern, art of the river on the map. Every year the river overflowed, leaving rich new soil where crops could grow. When lands that depended on rainfall had famines, there was often still food in Egypt.
 After Childrobotics, Grandma will have the lessons  for Creative dance. Grandma is using a few lessons that have halloween helpers. Todays will be lesson 14. The element: big and little; the helper: land of the giants
Made the biggest high level shape you can. Make the biggest low level shape you can. I'm going to count to ten, and I want you to move through the biggest amount of space you can by the time I say ten. Ready, one(count through), ten.
Is it possible to make a big movement with a small part of your body? Now how about trying a small movement with your back. Your leg. Now cup your hands together and make a small packet of space. Put your thumb into that space and make the smallest one you can in the smallest amount of space. Go. Can you make a movement that small with your shoulders? Your hand? Your head? Your foot?
As I beat the drum, show me big movements. When I beat the rim, show me small movements. Go anywhere you want to travel in space. Ready, go.
What can you do to make me notice your small movements? The shape you are holding helps. Your focus helps. This time, when you make a small movement, make it show. Look at it; make your whole body shape focus on it. Go.
Now let's think about steps. Show me big walks. Tiny walks. Do you all have to walk forward? Show me sideward or backward or circling walks. What about a small body shape to go with a small walk? Skip big. Skip small. Gallop big. Gallop small. Can you gallop with your fingers? Arms? Big and small? Now start with a small movement and make it bigger and bigger. Go. Do the opposite: start with a big movement and get smaller and smaller. Try it.
Get into small groups (or "partners"). Make a dance that shows contrast in size. Show me "Land of the Giants." I must see huge giants,and I must see tiny little people and insects. How many moves will the giants think of? What will the tiny people do? Maybe they'll surprise us grow bigger! decide what you'll do. We'll go over it once together: Then I'll let you practice two minutes, and then we'll watch.
Ready, everyone in a starting shape. Go. I must know right away if you're big or little. Show me contrast in levels, perhaps. Make it your ending shapes. Remember: starting shape, movemments, ending shape. (Watch and comment.)
Goals for evaluation: Check whether the children have ideas when they get together. Look for enthusiasm and challenge.
Now are we all looking at the calendars, marking the weather adding anything to the time lines necessary. Are we doing any journal work or poems, yearbook work or the newspaper. Are we getting ready to print out the newspaper and read it. Pass it out to whomever we want to. Todays calendar lessons has to do with Abstract art for Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist  was born October 25, 1881 He excelled in making collages, the process of gluing various materials to a surface to express a mood, feeling, or theme. THe children can make them on their own.
-Collect flat materials of different colors and textures--foil, plastic wrap, labels, corrugated cardboard, tissue, food trays, packing material, burlap, buttons, scraps of cloth.
-Select items that look interesting together and cut or tear them into a variety of sizes.
-On a piece of cardboard, arrange the shapes to create a feeling, mood, or message. Overlap some of the materials to help crate balance.
-Use empty spaces as part of the design. Decide what to emphasize, determine a center of interest, then glue everything in place.
-Create a title to reflect the idea or message of the collage.
The other birthdays include that of Johann Strauss, Jr. Austrian composer known as "the Waltz King" born in 1825. THe other is Richard Byrd, American polar explorer born in 1888. There are no events before 1800 on October 25. Birthdays for Saturday October 26 include that of Charle William Post, break-fast food producer. born in 1854. Stephen Kellogg, children's author and illustrator was born in 1941.
The events for October 26 include  on in 1760 in which George III was crowned king of England. Then in 1785 The First Mules in the United States arrived from Spain. They were gifts for George Washington from Charles III. Grandma has a book about him for Monday.
OK! today Grandma is going to go in deeper to the whole North American continent as a general place. . We have been studing the water routes and exploration in our continent the last week or so. Explorers were actually looking for an easy route to Asia. Columbus and the explorers never expected our continent to be there. They were having to travel clear south around South America to get to Asia and back to Europe. Then they thought they could find a route going through Canada by way of the Hudson and that did not work.Eventually we made a route going through Panama in Central America. I hope you all find that area on the map now. They made a canal called the Panama Canal to take the ships through to save them from traveling clear South. Now there is a big argument in Central America, I believe over who owns it or should own it. It is a really bad scene in that direction. We would have to do some research on it. Now in Grandma's Book (2), Pineapples, Penquins, and Pagodas It talks about each Continent as a general.
It explains North America as inbetween the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Grandma hopes you know where all the oceans are by now. If not, it would be a good idea to. The book describes it as "intersecting with major trade routes of the world and extends from the Artic Ocean in the north to the country of Panama in the south. It is the third largest continent in size and lies entirely above the equator. North America consists of 23 independent nations. Most of the people speak Spanish, English, or French.
The most northern region of North America is Grrenland, the world's largest island. I lies in th North Atlantic Ocean, mainly north of the Artic Circle. Greenland's small population lives mostly in its warmest region along the southwestern coast. Most of Greenland is covered by a large icecap that always remains frozen. (This may be changing and would take some research to find out.) Fishing is a major industry. Weather sssstations on the island are also important for forecasting storms.
Canada, the second largest country in land area, is located north of the United States. French and English are both official languages in Canada. Most Canadians live in the souther region because of the severe climate in the north. There are large forests and fertile farming areas. The country has rich deposits of copper, silver, gold, uranium, and largest nickel mines in the world. (We will learn more about Canada soon if not today.)
The continental United States is located south of Canada and north of Mexico. The state of Alaska is located northwest of Canada. Most United States citizens have ancestors from Europe. English is the chief language. A climate of long summers and warm temperatures predominates, allowing for extensive farming and raising of livestock. Most of the farmland is located in the midwest. The grasslands of the west are used primarily for ranching. There are also deserts in the west. Forests in the norteast and northwest are rich sources of lumber. Deposits of iron and coal are located in the east. Most factories using these materials are also located there.
Central America is the land to the south of the United States where Spanish is the main language. Most of the people are very poor. Mountains, plateaaus, deserts, grasslands, and tropical forests are found in this section of North America. Mexico is the largest country. Its capital, Mexico City, is the largest city in the world. The economy of Mexico is based on agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and tourism. Mexico is famous for its skilled silver craftsmen who frequently display their works in open markets. The people of the other seven Central Middle American countries earn their incomes primarily by working on plantations, in forestry, and by mining. (Some of this may have changed lately also.)Coffee and bananas are the chief products.
The West Indies or "Sugar Islands," are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea formed by volcanic eruptions, limestone, and coral. Most of the people are descendants of black Africans and speak several languages including Spanish and English. Farming is the main occupation. Sugar cane is the main crop. Because of the tropical climate, tourism is the second largest industry."
Independent Countries  in North America Include:
Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, St. Christopher & Nevis, St Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, United States.
Those still dependent on some other country is Anguilla, Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, St. Perre and Miquelon, Turks and Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands(U. S.), Virgin Islands (British).
Our Heritage-Ancestors of most Americans came from other countries. I have big Gingerbread type dolls with lines in them that the children can make a list of their heritages in. Locate the country or countries from which they came. Select one of the countries, and dress the paper charater in the traditional costume of the country. List five interesting facts about the country on the back of the character. You can use heavy cardboard, poster board, or cereal boxes to make them stiff and then you can dress them in cloth clothes if you wish.
Skipping into a Book Grandma calls (5) KIds, Customs, and Cultures by Alison Fuller Johns; illustrated  by Carol tiermon; 1993 Instructional Fair, Inc. It goes into greater detail about Canada. I did a trip planned out of a Canada Travel book and that would take a long time, but it was interesting. They kept emphsising how people can swim in the summer there. It has a lot of traditional sightseeing and watching of the whales on the east coast. It works in the native and Scotch Irish heritage as you travel west and then much of the prairie land, cattle area in the middle. Then it goes into the mountain travel which is a little more rugged before it reaches Alaska and the west coast. Book (5) uses what we call in teaching K-W-L method of organizing learning. K stands for what children and yourself already know about something, the W stands for the things you and the children want to learn about, and the L stands for what you actually do learn about by the end of your study.
For one activity Book (5) suggests taking an outline of Canada and using it to design a poem on. Do the poem on scratch papers until you are satisfied with it and then copy it on the map. People came to Canada for various reasons also and only certain people were allowed from some of the various countries. Some were looking for a route across, other came to find gold, others heard there was wealth, others came for the fishing, and products, others peace of mind, and others out of curiosity. There is quite a difficult and intense coverage of history in Canada.
"Canada is located on the continent of North America north of the United States. Slightly longer than the United States, It is the second largest country in the world. Canada is made op of ten provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland. It also contains two territories: the Yukon and Northwest. The French and British fought to control Canada, but the British won. However, French traditions are still carried out in lower Canada, especially in Quebec, which is French-speaking. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, located in Ontario. Their flag is very simple. It consists of two outer red strips on each side of a Maple Leaf that is red on a white background.. You could draw one easily for the children to color or do one in colored paper." Book (2) says that Canada is full of different birds and mammals. It suggests you pick one and write about it. However, Even though Grandma's granddaughters favorite is that of the wolf and we have books about them here in our home. However, Grandma wants to get this published for you and I may add them later for your learning. You can research about them on the internet also. The animal Book (5) talks about is the Beaver, in which they made special hats of  when they could not find the gold they thought there was. They made a ton of money off of them. This is what Book (5) says, in"Hats off to the Beaver!, One could say that Canada was explored and settled because of fashion in Europe. In the 1600's, beaver hats became popular in Europe, and even 200 years later remained just as popular. In order to meet the demands for beaver in Europe, a new hunting ground was needed since they were almost extinct in Europe. When Jacques Cartier came to North American in 1534, he and his crew immediately traded with the Native North Americans for all of their furs. In the years that followed, there was a rush to find new waterways and establish new trading posts. A new hunting ground had been found.
The two main competitors in the fur trade were the French and the British, In 1670, the Hudson's Bay Company(H.B.C.)was granted all of the land around the Hudson Bay by King Charles II of England. The French did not agree with this, and often would attack trading posts in this region and take them over. They also built their own inland posts closer to the Indian's hunting grounds, so that they could get at the furs before the English. It wasn't until 1763, when New France became a British colony, that the French threat to the English trade ended.
Although the French were no longer a threat to the H.B.C., the forts left abandoned by the French were soon taken over by small groups of traders. These traders saw the value in the fur trade and weree eager to take over where the French had left off. The only problem was that the small groups were all competing with each other for the same furs, thereby paying high prices for their furs. They decided to join together and form a company to improve trade with the natives. The North West Company was formed in 1783. The Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company now raced with each other to start new forts in a westward direction. At times, there was open warfare between the two. But in 1821, the two companies finally combined to form one company, the Hudson's Bay Company.
Book (5) gives a couple of activities to do with what you have learned. Grandma wants to drop one of them about the hat because feeling about fur is so controversial anymore. She want to replace it with finding out all you can as a family about the problems of the Global Warming and see if there is any solutions possible as well as the problem of the wolves and any other animal losses in Canada.
The other activity involves what it would take to transport the furs for Book (5) says, " Voyageurs were men who transported furs from various forts to Montreal by canoe. They would often spend a full year on the Canadian waterways in order to do their job. Design a list of goods that you would need if you were to be gone for three months. Be sure to take as little as possible, since you would not want your canoe to sink! Another thing to keep in mind is that some things they might eat on this trip might be strange to us and some things eaten in Canada are a little strange to us. Have someone with enough knowledge to check your list over check it out.
Montreal, the Heart of French Canada, is unique. "This is the largest province in the country, is largely French-speaking. The people there have long been referred to as the French-Canaddians. They are quite proud of their French heritage, often referring to themselves as "pure wool"-100 percent Quebecois. Montreal is Quebec's most famous city and is often referred to as the "Heart of French Canada." By day or night, it is an exciting city with fine universities, the National HOckey league, Montreal Canadiens, incrdible museums and the one-of-a-kind Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil means Circus of the Sun. What makes this circus so unique is that it is all human! It is said that they mix the blacktop with the big top with acrobatics, cycling and old-fashioned clowning around. Quebec funds a school called the Ecole Nationale de Cirque. With an enrollment of 20 youngsters among the 200 adults, the school provides an academic education while they learn the arts of the big top on the trapeze, stilts, trampoline and tightrope.
An activity could be imagining what kind of day you would have and writing about that day.
Here is another activity of Social Studies and Language in which you would label the provinces of Canada. and the two territories.
1. The Yukon Territory is connected to Alaska and the Northwest Territory is the large area on the east. Label them.
2. British Columbia is south of Yudon. Label the province and color it yellow.
3. East of British Columbia is alberta. Label it and color it red.
4. The province between alberta and Manitoba is called Saskatchewan. This is where Big Foot lives. Draw him there and label the provinces.
5. Winnepeg is a city in Manitoba. Label the city and color the province brown.
6. The province north of the Great Lakes is Ontario. Color it orange.
7. The largest province is Quebec. Label the province and color it green.
8. New Brunswick borders Quebec on the southeast, and Nova Scotia is attached to it. Label them and color them purple.
9. Nestled above the two provinces is Prince Edward Island. Color this province black.
10. The last province is Newfoundland. This province borders Quebec and includes the large island near it. Label both parts.
Book (57) has some Questions and Activities concerning Canada for you as follows
-In your opinion, what character traits should an individual possess or what sort of person should be leader of a country? Choose the three Canadian leaders that you feel best show these strengths.
-You have a picture frame that is 8 1/2" x 11". Illustrate the Canadian scene that you will put in your frame.
-Select five spots in Canada that you think best show the different features that make Canada so special. Using an unusual format, describe and entertain.
-Your neighborhood is planning a Canada Day. Help provide the activities, logo, theme song, contests, flags, motto, and so on.
-prepare and present a series of dynamic radio commercials advertising Canada. Your only limit is your imagination and a 30-second time limit.
-Some Canadian/U.S. border cities have an annual international celebration or freedom festival. Find out all you can about this concept.
-List many famous Canaddians. Research to name many more. Using a time line, formulate a concise view of Canadian history.
-Estimate how long it would take to go from Canada's easternmost town to the furthest west if traveling at an average speed of 80 kmph. Check for accuracy.
-Anne of Green Gables is a very special Canadian girl. Who was she? What made her special? Where did she live? When was she first known? Why is she still well-known? Find out more about Anne and her "kindred spirits."
-Your most recent book is to go to the publisher soon. Summarize the format by listing chapter titles. Oh, by the way, the book title may be:
Famous Canadian Women,
Famous Canadian Authors, Famous Canadian Writers, Famous Canadian Sports Stars
-Make a very long list of what you think of when you hear Canada. Now look at your list and see how your ideas could be grouped. Rearrange to form collections of "Canadianisms." Keep your list handy over the next few weeks to add categories or details,
-The newest game on the market is Contest Canada. As its creator, you can set it up any way you want: color, size, rules, competition, players, win/lose. Have fun!
-English and French are Canada's official languages?
-These items are thought to be Canadian. Find out how or why. Expand the list.
maple leaf   moose    beaver    RCMP     trillium     dogsleds     lacrosse
-Find out some first-rate informaiton on Canada's first Prime minister, Olympic medal winners, successful TV series.
-Where in Canada would you find the best salmon steak, sunset, fir trees, beach, soapstone, skiing, fresh-ater fffffishing, live theater, national park?9Some answers may be fact, some opinion.)
-Some people think Canada is always cold and has snow even in summer. Suggest reasons why they might think this is true.
-As a travel agent, you are often asked to recommend interesting places to visit in Canada. To make your job easier, develop a brochure to give some intriguing answers.
-Plan a vacation to travel coast-to-coast across Canada and hit highlights of Canadian life on the way. Since this is a dream vacation, don't worry about time or cost.
-Make a match game of Canadian go-togethers. For example: Provinces, symbols, capitals, flowers, produce, industry.
-Choose one Canadian province and learn all you can to become an expert. Make a presentation to your class.
-Endangered species in Canada are a problem of great concern to many. What can you find out?
-Canada was the end of the Underground Railroad during the U.S. Civil War . Examine the history of the people involved.
-We have Swiss cheese. Belgian waffles, French pastry. What else might we have for an international meal? What treat from Canada?
-Select gifts that are truly representative of Canada. You might have to be resourceful!
-You are in charge of the Canadian yearbook, which is to be an informative, illustrated guide to life in Canada. You get to choose the year (or decade, if you're ready for a big challenge).
This might be a great activity to do with friends. You could work in pairs and choose different time periods. When you finish, you would have a series of yearbooks to share.
-You have been selected to design a limited-edition Canadian coin. With great plannng and originality, you have the coin ready for approval. What does it look like?
-Design brag buttons for Canadians(must be more creative than"I love Canada" of course.)
-Sometimes Caanada is referred to as a mosaic. Suggest reasons for this.
-If you could interview any Canadian, who would you choose and what would you ask?
Why is it that Alaska is a state and not a province?
-Why is it that Alaska is a state and not a province?
-If you were to publish an all-Canadian magazine called Canadian Leisure, what regular features would you have?
-Create a Canada collage.
-Investigate the phenomenon of Canada's Aurora Borealis.
-If you were able to select items for an all-Canaddian time capsule, what would you include?
-Many things in Canada are "North American." What can you suggest that is typically "Canadian?'
-Write to a member of Canada's Parliament with a few well-thought-out questions.
-Compare the government of Canada with the United States and how people are taken care of there.
-Canadian history is strongly linked to Great Britain. What influences can still be seen today?
-Investigate the involvement of Canadians in NASA.
-Collect Canadian coins.
-In what ways might free trade affect Canada? List the positive and negative aspects.
You may not want to do all these activities and certainly do not try to do them all at one time. Just start out by crossing out the ones of no interest or that you already know about. Work step by step from there.I do not believe all countries will be this intense unless you want them to be. At least you see ther is a lot there about one country.

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