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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning


Day 63

Posted on December 10, 2013 at 9:13 AM
Grandma rested too much getting over this bug that had me down and now I am doing the lesson I am trying to set up in the daytime. I guess somethings a person just has to do what they can do.
I hope you are getting your chores done and anything that is necessary to do before lessons. Always remember cooking is learning also, especially for math. For those who sew or want to learn, easy pot holders, aprons, curtains, pillow cases, emboidering pillow cases or flour sack tea towels are fun for Christams. Soft flannel blankets or pillow cases are easy. Pillows for grandma, knitted mittens, or slippers, or a family knitted quilt for someone special or easy square quilts for someone. Robes are another idea, or covers for tables, chairs, ect. .Homeaide doll clothes are always nice. These are considered math also and art. Another idea is rag rugs, towels and wash clothes.
Looking through books, Grandma realized she had missed Ellis Island for Thanksgiving. It  was about various nationalities traveling to America in the late 1800's and early 1900's by way of this Island called Ellis Island. The children were making Thanksgiving dolls and another's family from Russia came by this Ellis Island and the little girl made a doll of her mother. It could be used as an extension of Thanksgiving. I will also add it to next years lessons..
For today along we will talk about Mexico. As many know Mexico was inhabited by many different natives before Spain moved in on them. However some native cultures are still there and still speak their native languages. My husband was mainly from the Aztec natives and they act out a traditional play for this time of year. They are very religious in nature when it comes to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. I could not find the 15 day celebration that is carried on throughout the villages to celebrate The day of Mother Mary. Ranching began in the Jalisco area and even further southeast of that in the hills where much of the farming is done. During these 15 days of the celebration of Mother Mary each village meets together in the main town caring Mother Mary. There is also a movie in which Mother Mary meets a villager on his way between the Natives and the Spaniards. Mother Mary stops him each time and when she finds out they do not believe him she imprints her picture on his robe. One church I attended with my husband showed me a rock they believe an imprint of Mother Mary is on that was placed in the altar. During these 15 days there is a lot of tents set up for eating and selling things, carnivals go on and singing as well as a big dance for the young people is set up. Each day a different village has a rodeo. They all go to church to celebrate Mother Mary. There is so much to tell you, I can't get it in all in one day. My husband was given land by his grandfather, a plow and the ox to work the 20 acres as his brother followed him with the corn. He fed his mother, and the other ten children on this land for ten years his father had gone away to Mexicali near California. When we have visited his family he had not seen after his fathers return for 30 years his father was raising cattle on the greens left over from the plants they had grown in the yard. We helped his with this one day. His father at 93 years old was in the field calling those cattle and horses to come eat. It was an experience one will never forget.
Grandma's Book (1024) Mexico Activity Book, written by Mary Jo Keller, Edited by Kathy Rogers, design by Linda Milliken, illustrated by Barb Lorseyedi, Consultant Francisco Tapia; 1996 Edupress
It says, "The Indians of Middle America were the first farmers of the New World. As early as 7000 BC farmers began cultivating corn, beans, avocados, tomatoes, peppers, and squash. They raised turkeys for food. Without the need to constantly hunt for food, the people had time for arts, crafts, trade and building. The Maya and Aztec became two of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas.
The OLmec--1200 to 200 BC
The first major civilization was the Olmec which developed along the southern edge of the Gulf of Mexico. The Olmec people built cities, established trade with other native groups, developed a calendar and a counting system. Sculptors carved massive stone heads as large as 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall and weighing as much as 40 tons (36 metric tons)! They may have worshiped a god that was part human and part jaguar. Jade figures and examples of beautiful pottery have been found in the ruins of an Olmec pyramid and cremonial center at la Venta.
The Zapotecs--650 BC to 800 AD
The Zapotecs of southern Mexico were fierce warriors and builders of great pyramids. To build their religious center at Monte Alban, Zapotec engineers and builders flattened an entire mountain top and pulled all the materials for the pyramids and temples up the sheer mountain wall! This advanced culture studied the stars and developed the first writing system in the Americas, using hieroglyphics(word-pictures) to record their history on stone tablets."
"The Maya--350 BC to 900 AD" and "The Aztec--1250 to 1520 AD" were already read about and blogged.
"The Huichol Indians of present-day Mexico have kept many of their old traditions. Their dress, daily life and religious ceremonies reflect a culture rich in folk art with a deep respect for nature.
The Ojo de Dios, or God's Eye, is a wel-known religious symbol of the Huichol. They believe that the design of the eye has power to heal and protect. The Ojo de Dios, or Tsikuri, is hung on the wall to be used in ceremonies and during prayer. Many children enjoy making these and they are easy to make.
Ojo de Dios is made by wrapping colorful yarn around crossed sticks. The materials needed include:
Yarn in several bright colors
Two sticks--these can be twigs, craft sticks, dowels or chopsticks
The directions are as follows:
1. Make a cross with the two sticks by tying them together at the point where they cross with a strand of yarn.
2. Form a diamond shape by weaving the yarn from stick to stick, making a complete loop around each stick.
3. Add different color yarns as you go to create a bright pattern. When you have reached the ends of the sticks, glue the end of the yarn to the end of the last stick.
4. Make tassels to hang from each point by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard. On one side, thread another piece of yarn underneath and tie the ends. Use scissors to cut the yarn on the opposite side."
Another item I have not seen directions on are moraccas--made of dried ghords, covered with plaster or something to paint them unless they have paint to go straight on them. The natives have not only taken the ghords and used them put they have made pots of the dried pumpkin skins also.. Grandma is going to stop here for now. She has so much more to tell you, but it will have to wait.
 The homes and schools are different in Mexico and California because the weather is warmer. The schools are done with the halls like our porches and only different rooms off of that. The village homes are kind of like that. Each room is directly from the outside. Some of the more modern homes built are more like ours only usually of brick. My husband built one that was in a time of cement. Big walls and gates are built around the newer ones. My husbands village was made of many stone walls and his sister had a store there in the middle of the village. They buy water to drink in Mexico but have outside plumbing for the plants, showers, or bath's. There is a part in this book  that a village home is made of a small orange juice or cream carton; used to be milk cartons we drank out of before they went to plastic bottles. The project shows macaroni used for a roof. Grandma seen her husband's family redo one of the rooms in his father's house redone with this roof. My husband said his father made the slate roofing as we call it and it was layered just a certain way to hold onto the top. The supports and everything had to be just right. Yes the macaroni lookes just like it. It had been there many years.
This is all that Grandma is giving for today. We will have to move into the Calendar and the Bible.
Be sure to check out the weather and record it. Grandma will have to start on the 7th because she has missed it for a couple of days. The 7th was Sunday and Monday was the 8th, Today is the 9th. The 7th was It's Okay not to be Perfect Day. Even though we are not into the 1900's yet and I do not want to cover Japan yet; I do feel it is important to mention that this was the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii the year of 1941. Then we declared war on Japan the 8th which led into the second World War. Book (1) states, "Just 3 hours before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the u. s. army's chief of staff received an intercepted message that an attack would occur somewhere in the pacific. He notified Manila, the Panama Canal Zone, and San Francisco, but stmospheric conditions prevented him from getting the message to Hawaii. " Have the children illustrate how today's messages are sent and received.  Demonstrate how they were done years ago. The 7th was also the day the First colony became a state of Delaware when it ratified the U.S. Constitution in 1787. The birthdays that day include that of Marie Tussaud, creator of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London. She was born in 1761. In 1873 Willa Cather, American writer was born then in 1956 Larry Bird, basketball star was born. 
Birthday's the 8th include 1542 Mary, Queen of Scots. Eli Whitney, American inventor of the cotton gin born in 1765. James thurber, American humorist and cartoonist born in 1894. Book (1) says, "James Thurber told stories with simple drawings. Give a copy of the same scribble to each of your students. Ask the kids to turn the page until an idea for a drawing occurs to them. Post the completed drawings and see all the variations that came from a single scribble."
The last birthday for December 8 is that of Sammy Davis, Jr., American singer and dancer, born in 1925.
On December 9 1848 Joel Chandler Harris, American writer and creator of the Uncle Remus stories Book (1) says, "Oral traditions; Joel Chandler Harris learned about the customs, language, and folktales of African-Americans while working on a plantation in Georgia."  See if the children can retell a story they've heard from their parents or grandparents.
In 1886 Clarence Birdseye,American inventor of the process for deep-freezing food. For an activity write the letters A to Z on a sheet of paper. Have the children write foods that can be frozen next to the appropriate letter..
Then in 1898 Emmett Kelly, American circus clown was born. Book (1) says, "Emmett Kelly became famous for his act as a sad-faced hobo clown. Many clowns design their own faces, which they sometimes copyright so no other clowns can use them. Have each student design a clown face without showing anyone." An activity is to listen to someone give directions without looking at the paper to draw a clown.
Then Jean De Brunhoff, French author and illustrator who created Babar, was born in 1899. In 1902 Margaret Hamilton was born. She was an American actress who portrayed the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.
Now for the Bible lessons. It starts out with 1 Chronicles. As Faith Alive asks:
"Whom...did God inspire to write this book? We are not certain who wrote 1 Chronicles. It may have been Ezra, a priest and a main figure in the book of Ezra.
When...did this happen? The events in this book happened between 1010 and 970 BC
Where...did this happen? These events took place in the land of Israel, united by David into a powerful nation.
How...does 1 Chronicles show us God's love? God loves and cares for his people through King David. David foreshadows Jesus, the perfect king who come later as one of David's descendants to  defeat sin, death, and the devil in order to bring us into his kingdom.
What...special messages does this book give us? Many lists of names show that God has been moving all history toward his goals. He chooses some people to be priests, others to be ruler. Everyone is priests, others to be rulers. Everyone is part of his grand plan: saying the world.
       ...action happens in this book? David becomes king of Israel. He defeats Israel's enemies and works to make Israel a mighty nation. Then he plans the temple to be built by his son.
       ...important people do we meet? The most important people in this book include David, the priests, and the Levites.
       ...are some of the stories in this book?
The ark comes to Jerusalem.                                                 1 Chronicles 15
             God promises David.                                                1 Chronicles 17
          David counts his army..                                               1 Chronicles 21
David presents temple plans.                                                 1 Chronicles 28"
Chapter 1 and 2 are a list of all the family from Adam down. Chapter 3 is the list of David's line and then the Kings of Israel. The Royal Line After the Exile. Faith Alive says in  "Let's Live It! 1 Chronicles 3:1-6- Your Branch of the Family Tree--The Hebrew people were very proud of their ancestors. They kept careful "genealogies" showing their grandparents and great-grandparents and so on. They knew the Savior would be born through one of their families.
Today we call genealogical records "family trees." Draw your family tree on a long strip of paper tablecloth. Ask mom or dad to help you get pictures of each person. Tape the pictures to your family tree. Beside each person write one interesting thing about him or her.
Now turn to Matthew 1:1-17. Make another family tree, listing all the names mentioned there. Which names do you recognize? Think about their stories.. Who is the most important person in this family? Why? What has he done for your family tree."
Chapter 4 are the other clans of Judah, Simeon's line. Chapter 5 is that of Reuben and the Half-Tribe of Manasseh. Faith Alive says "Life In Bible Times; The Captivity-Babylonian records show captives being led away from Jerusalem. Hundreds of years earlier MOses urged the Israelites to obey God and warned that if they would not obey, "You will be uprooted from the land you are entering to possess" (Deuteronomy 28:63). God's people did not obey him. Captivity in Babylon was the result."
Chapter 6 is a bout Levi and the Temple Musicians.
Faith Alive says "Life in Bible Times, Temple Musicians-In King David's time the temple musicians used Instruments like the lyre, the flute, cymbols, tambourines, and trumpets. All of these were played with shouts of joy to worship the Lord (Psalm 333.1-3). Chapter 7 has Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali
Manasseh, Ephraim, and Asher. Faith Alive writes about 7:40 in "Did You Know? Why are there so many lists of names in this book? It was important to the Hebrews to know who their ancestors were. God had promised the Messiah would come through them. They kept careful family records called "genealogies
Chapter9 are people in Jerusalem and the Genealogy of Saul, Chapter 10 Saul takes his Life and in Chapter 11 David becomes King Over Israel and Conquers Jerusalem. Then it talks about David's Mighty Men. Faith Alive talks about David's Mighty Men in "Let's Live it ! 1 Chronicles 11:10-25 --King David was brave and strong. As a youth, he killed a lion and a bear that tried to kill his sheep and he killed the giant Goliath. As king, an army of great warriers helped David.
David's batttle against Goliath taught that the men themselves weren't really very mighty. It also taught that with God, anyone is mighty!
Think about your greatest  "exploits." What have you accompoliched? Made the winning shot? Aced the toughest test of your life? Saved your baby brother or sister  from a fall? Did you do it alone? God was with you, wasn't he. Thank God that he was!!!
Now think of the biggest challenge you have ahead. A speech to give? A drill team tryout? A tough exam? God doesn't guarantee success, but he does guarantee that he will be there. That means you can take on the world!"
Chapter 12 tells about David's worriors. Chapter 13 is about bringing back the Ark. Faith Alive says in "Did You Know? 13:10 Why did God kill Uzzah? Uzzah was only trying to keep the ark from falling off a cart. But the ark was holy, and no one was allowed to touch it. God had commanded that the ark be carried on poles, not on a cart. Uzzah's death reminded everyone that God is holy and must be obeyed. Of course, if Uzzah believed in the Savior, we'll still see him someday in heaven."
Chapter 14 is about David himself. Chapter 15 is about the Ark Brought to Jerusalem-that goes into chapter 16 with a Psalm of Thanks by David. Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It! 1 Chronicles 15:16-22 Sing Joyful Songs--Read 1 Chronicles 15:16-22. What did David do to improve warship in Jerusalem?
Here's something your family can do to make worship better and more fun. Find a hymnal. Pick out songs you sing at church or Sunday school. Pick some that are new to you, as well as those that are your favorites. Then at suppertime or bedtime, sing one or two of the songs together. Soon you will know the songs better and be able to worship God more joyfully.
Faith Alive says in "Words to Remember 16:29 Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name. Bring an offering and come before him."
Chapter 17 is about God's promise to him and David's Prayer. Faith Alive says in "Did You Know? 17:11 What did God promise David?
God promised that one of David's descendants would always sit on the throne. God kept this promise. Today Jesus, who is David's descendant, rules all things. One day jesus will come again, and we eill see him sitting on his glorious throne. Then Faith Alive says in "Words to Remember 17:14 I will set him over my house and my kingdom forever."
Chapter 18 is about David's Victories and Officials. Chapter 19 is the Battle against the Ammonites, 20 The Capture of Rabbah and the War with the Philistines. Faith Alive writes "Did You KNow? How successful were David's wars? 20:1 David had so much military success that his kingdom ha ten times as much land when he died as it had before he became ruler!"
Chapter 21 is about David numbering the Men. Chapter 22 is preparations for the Temple. Faith Alive says in "Life in Bible Times-Stonecutters-Giant blocks of stone for God's temple were cut and shaped miles away from Jerusalem. Stone masons had only hammers and chisels, with marking and measuring tools. Yet they cut the stones so carefully that they fit perfectly when the temple was put togther!" Faith Alive also writes in "Words to Remember 22:19 Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God."
Chapter 23 is about the Levites, Gershonites, Kohathites, and Merarites. Faith Alive asks in "Did You Know? Who were the Levites? The levites were a tribe, or family group, of Israelites. They were set apart to serve the Lord. David organized the Levites to serve God at the temple Solomon would build."
Chapter 24 is about the The Divisions of Priests and the rest of the Levites. Chapter 25 is the list of singers.Chapter 26 is the list of the Gatekeepers and talks about the Treasurers and Other Officials. Capter 27 is about the army division and the Officers of the Tribes and the King's Overseers.
Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It! 1 Chronicles 27:25-34 "Let's Live It!- God's Job Corps--1 Chronicles 27:25-34 lists the jobs David gave the men who helped him rule Israel. Which job would you have wanted? How about Hushai's job (1 Chronicles 27:33)?
Sometimes we may think certain jobs are more exciting or more important than others. But God has given us all jobs to do. Because they're from God. They're all important. Make your own ist of jobs. . Begin with jobs around the house or at school. Then add careers--jobs people do for a living. Make a long list. Next to each, write some way a person doing the job can serve God's kingdom. (Hint: When a Christian just helps another person, that glorifies God.)"
Chapter 28 is David's Plans for the Temple and 29 are Gifts for building the Temple and David's Prayer, Then Solomon made king and David's death. Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It! 1 Chronicles 29:2-13 We give him but his Own--What made the people so generous in giving to build a temple for God? Look at this hymn:
We  give you but your own
In any gifts we bring;
All that we have is yours alone,
A trust from you, our King.
That's what David meant in 29:10-13. Everything we have really belongs to God already. What's the greatest gift he has given us? See Romans 6:23. Isn't God generous? He has given us everything we need for this life--and eternal life through Jesus!"

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