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Day 79

Posted on January 19, 2014 at 10:08 PM
Good Morning! Another January morning to begin the week with. I hope you are well, for Grandma is doing well. When you get ready we will start with Childrobotics and a dance about a favorite character the children may like or yourselves. Orient the children with body capabilities and how different foods and nutrients affect our bodies. These things are all part of health and ways children can learn and stay healthy. Doing healthy activities, learning about good health, and learning about themselves.
In going to church this morning, Grandma realized we are right with what is being taught. The church was giving Isaigh which we will cover and They were talking about how John the Babtist prepared the way for Jesus which is in the first three books of the New Testament. However, Grandma wanted to talk about Jesus as a boy first. Now whether the churches talked about that last week and Grandma was unable to hear it or what but she wanted to give it to the parents for home schooling in their Home Education Program under Grandma's website.
The only place she found it was in Luke 2:41-52. After Jesus was born and visited by the Magi, shepherds, and angels. He was then taken to the temple for circumcision and Then Joseph and Mary took baby Jesus and returned to Nazareth as told to by an angel.
Luke 2:41-52 talks about how Joseph and Mary attended the Passover in Jerusalem and Jesus walked into the temple and began teaching the teachers saying it was the house of his Father. Faith Alive says in, "Life in Bible Times-Two Pigeons-Those who could afford it offered God a lamb when their first son was born. Joseph and Mary, however, gave two pigeons. God said this offering could be given by those who were poor(see Leviticus 12:8). Did You Know 2:42 Why did Jesus go to the temple when he was twelve? At twelve a Jewish boy was considered an adult under God's law. The Old Testament said Jewish men were supposed to go to the temple to worship on the Passover. Now that Jesus was twelve, he went to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover in the temple."
Luke 3 is about John and Jesus being baptized. In Luke 3:21 "Did You Know? Why was Jesus baptized? Ordinarily, Baptism is to wash away sins. Jesus had no sin, but by being baptized, he accepted the place of a sinner. That way he could fulfill God's demands for all of us, who are sinful. Questions that Faith Alive asks are as follows:
"Whom...did God inspire to write this book? Luke, a physician who often traveled with Paul, wrote this book. Luke also wrote the book of Acts.
For Whom...was this book first written? Luke wrote specifically to a man named Theophilus, a Gentile rather than a Jew; but his book is really for everyone who has questions about Jesus.
When...did this happen? Jesus was born about 6 BC and lived on earth until around AD 30.
Where...did this happen? Most of the events in this book happened in Galilee and Judea.
How...does Luke show us God's love? Luke shows how Jesus reached out to unpopular and outcast people. Jesus himself is born in the humblest surroundings. Lowly shepherds are the first to hear of Jesus' birth. The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), the tax collector Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10, and the thief on the cross (Luke 23:29-43) were all figures other people would have rejected. But Jesus shows how God cares for everyone. He came to die to save all the lost.
What...special messages does this book give us? Luke tells the famous and beautiful story of Jesus' birth. In Luke, Jesus calls his disciples to be "fishers of men." And Luke shows in great detail that Jesus' whole mission is really to journey to Jerusalem to suffer, die, and rise again.
        ...action happens in this book? Jewsus is born, grows up, teaches, and helps many different kinds of people. After his death and resurrection, he appears alive to many.
        ...important people do we meet? Jesus is the important person in this book. We also meet Mary, John the Baptist, and Jesus' disciples.
        ...are some of the stories in this book?
                                       the birth of Jesus.                                               Luke    2:1-20
                             Jesus raises a widow's son.                                       Luke  7:11-17
                      Parable of the good Samaritan.                                        Luke 10:25-37
                                Parable of the rich fool.                                             Luke 12:13-21
                                Parable of the lost son.                                             Luke 15:11-32
                      The rich man and Lazarus.                                                 Luke 16:19-31
                               Jesus heals ten lepers.                                              Luke  17:11-19
                    Parable of the Pharisee and
                                           the tax collector.                                              Luke 18:9-14
                   Jesus appears to two disciples.                                           Luke 24:13-35
In the beginning of Luke the Bible tells about how Mary and Elizabeth met up and each were with child given especially by God through the Holy Spirit and how each was predicted to be so special, Mary and Zechariah both had songs. Faith Alive writes in "Let's Live It! Luke 1:26-38 Advent Calendar--Faithful people like Zecariah, Elizabeth, and Mary had spent their lives looking forward to the Messiah's coming. Now, suddenly, these few people knew it was only a matter of days.
The season of advent, the four weeks before Christmas, is about counting down the days to Christ's coming. (Advent means "coming.") To help your family count down the days before Christmas, buy an Advent calendar at a Christian bookstore. An Advent calendar has tiny doors, one to be opened each day untill Christmas. Behind each door is a picture or brief story about the days before the first Christmas. There you'll find all the stories from Luke 1 and 2.
Did You Know: 1:46 How did Mary and Zechariah praise God? Both praised God for their special babies. Jesus and John, Mary sang "The Magnificat" (Luke 1:46-55), and Zechariah sang "The Benedictus" (Luke 1:68-79).
John 1:1-34 gives a little more information about Jesus and John. Faith Alive asks these questions in John:
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? John, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, wrote this book. John was the brother of james and an especially close friend of Jesus. He sometimes calls himself "the disciple whom Jesus loved" (John 13:23).
For Whom...was this book first written? John was written for everyone, because everyone needs to believe in Jesus. John may have written especially for those who did not yet know Jesus.
When...did this happen? Jesus taught and worked miracles from about AD 26 to 30.
Where...did this happen? Most of the events in this book happened in Judea, the southern part of Palestine.
How...does John show us God's love? John is eager to show us that Jesus is the Son of God, in other words, that Jesus is God himself. Since Jesus is God, his death and resurrection won eternal life for us.
What...special messages does this book give us? The book of John shows that Jesus is the Son of God so that people will believe in him and have eternal life.
        ...action happens in this book? John reports miracles and teachings to show Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus' greattest miracle is rising from the dead.
        ...important people do we meet? The whole book focuses on Jesus.
        ...are some of the stories in this book?
                                Jesus chooses disciples.                                          John 1:35-51
                            Jesus teaches Nicodemus.                                           John  3:1-21
                                                      Jesus and a
                                         Samaritan woman.                                              John 4:1-26
                             Jesus walks on water.                                                   John 6:16-24
                        Jesus says he is God's Son.                                             John 8:31-59
                             Jesus heals a blind man.                                              John 9:1-41
                                      The good shepherd.                                             John 10:1-21
                                     Jesus raises Lazarus.                                           John 11:1-44
                             Jesus rides into Jerusalem.                                          John 12:12-19
                    Jesus washes the disciples' feet.                                          John 13:1-17
                             Jesus prays for his disciples.                                        John 17:16-19
                                                Jesus is crucified.                                        John 19:1-42
                                         Jesus is raised to life.                                         John 20:1-31
                                          Jesus forgives Peter.                                        John 21:15-25
Did You Know? What is the "Word"? The "Word" is a special name for Jesus. It means that Jesus is the person who reveals God, or tells us what God is like. The Bible says that Jesus existed forever and that he is God.
Words to Remember 1:14 The Word  became flesh and made his dwelling among us.
Did You Know? 1:29 What does Lamb of God Mean? In Old Testament times lambs were offered as sacrifices when a person sinned. To call Jesus the Lamb of God meant that he would die as a sacrifice to take away our sins.
Both Matthew and Mark talk about John making the way for Jesus and Jesus's temptations. Mark's questions are as follows:
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? A man named John, Mark wrote this book. He had seen Jesus for himself, but the spostle Peter probably also shared with him many stories about Christ.
For Whom...was this book first written? Mark wrote this book especially for people in the Roman Empire who did not understand Jewish customs.
When...did this happen? Mark tells about the events of Jesus' adult life, between about AD 26 and 30.
Where did this happen? Most things in Mark 1-9 happened in Galilee. Most things in Mark 10-16 took place in or near Jerusalem.
How...does Mark show us God's love? Mark begins his book by calling it "the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God." Gospel means "good news," and Mark's book certainly is that. It shows that God loved people enough to send his own Son to save us by dying on the cross. The Gospel of Mark, therefore, tells us that we have forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ.
What...special messages does this book give us? Mark concentrates more on what Jesus did than on what Jesus taught. In this active way, he shows that Jesus really is the Son of God and Savior of the world.
         ...action happens in this book? Jesus shows his power by performing miracles that help people. He teaches his disciples, and he finally dies on the cross and rises again to save us.
         ...important people do we meet? The whole book is about Jesus. Other people, such as Jesus' disciples, are prominent as they interact with him.
         ...are some of the stories in this book?
      Jesus heals a paralzyed man.                                                     Mark   2:1-12
      Jesus calms a storm.                                                                    Mark  4:35-41
      Jesus raises a dead girl.                                                              Mark  5:21-43
      Jesus walks on water.                                                                   Mark  6:45-56
      Jesus feeds four thousand people.                                              Mark  8:1-10
      Jesus heals a young boy.                                                              Mark  9:14-32
      Jesus holds the Lord's Supper.                                                    Mark 14:12-26
      Jesus dies and is buried.                                                              Mark 15:21-47
      Jesus is raised again.                                                                    Mark 16:1-8
Matthew is first in the New Testament and the following questions in Faith Alive come with it:
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? Matthew, a tax collector who became one of Jesus' twelve disciples, wrote this book.
For Whom...was this book first written? Matthew was probably written especially for Jewish readers.
When...did this happen? These events took place between 6 BC and AD 30.
Where...did this happen? Most events took place in towns in Galilee, the northern part of Palestine. The last events of Jesus' life took place in Jerusalem, about seventy miles to the south.
How...does Matthew show us God's love? Matthew shows God's love by announcing Jesus as the fulfillment of all God's Old Testament plans. Jesus is the one God had promised to send as the Savior, and now he has come. By coming to earth, living, dying on the cross, and rising from the grave, Jesus gives eternal life--first to the Jews, but then to all nations.
What...special messages does this book give us? Matthew quotes many Old Testament passages and then shows how Jesus fulfills them. Matthew also traces the family tree of Jesus all the way back to Abraham, showing how God has kept his promise to Israel. Jesus is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament!
        ...action happens in this book? This book tells about Jesus' birth, his life as an adult, his teaching, death, and resurrection.
        ...important people do we meet? The whole book is about Jesus, John the Baptist and Jesus' disciples, like Peter, James, and John, are important, too.
        ...are some of the stories in this book?
                             Wise men visit Jesus.                                                Matthew   2:1-23
                                      Baptism of Jesus.                                             Matthew    3:13-17
                                 Temptation of Jesus.                                             Matthew    4:1-11
                       Blessings of Christ's people.                                          Matthew    5:1-12
                                       The Lord's Prayer.                                            Matthew    6:9-13
         Jesus feeds five thousand people.                                               Matthew   14:13-21
                       Parable of the lost sheep.                                                Matthew   18:10-14
                            Jesus enters Jerusalem.                                             Matthew     21:1-11
                                      Jesus is crucified.                                              Matthew     27:32-56
                                   Jesus returns to life.                                              Matthew      28:1-10
                 Jesus instructs his followers.                                                  Matthew    28:16-20"
Faith Alive says in "Did You Know? 1:17 Why is this Genealogy in Matthew?(It is also in Luke.) A genealogy is a record of a person's ancestors. Matthew wanted us to know that Jesus was exactly who Gad had promised throughout the Old Testament. God had said the Savior would be descended from Abraham and David. The genealogy shows that he was.
Did You Know? 3:2 What does repent Mean? To repent means to change your heart and mind. John the Baptist told people to repent of their sins. John preached this to help the people of Judea get ready to hear what Jesus would say.
Let's Live It! Matthew 4:1-11 Fighting Temptation--Read Matthew 4:1-11. Can you find three words that jewsus said each time Satan tempted him?
The words are "It is written." Jesus fought each temptation by remembering what God says in his Word, the Bible. By resisting temptation, Jesus defeated the devil for us. God helps us resist the devil, too, through his Word.
Faith Alive also has something to say about the New Testament Books:
The Gospels-The first four books of the New Testament tell the story of Jesus, how he was born, how he lived, how he died and rose again.
History-One other book of the New Testament continues this history, telling how the church began and how the aposstles of Jesus spread the Good News about him.
Letters-These books were actual letters, called epistles, written by Paul and other apostles. They tell what Jesus' life, death, and resurrection means for our life and salvation.
                     - Romans                                                    -Titus
                     - 1 and 2 Corinthians                                 -Philemon
                     - Galatians                                                  -Hebrews
                     -Ephesians                                                 -James
                     -Philippians                                                -1 and 2 Peter
                     -Colossians                                                -1,2, and 3 John
                     -1 and 2 Thessalonians                            -Jude
                     - 1 and 2 Timothy
Prophecy-One book describes visions the apostle John saw, giving vivid illustrations of God's care for his people throughout history.
Faith Alive presents the following questions for Isaiah:
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? Isaiah, a prophet who spoke to the southern kingdom, Judah, wrote this book.
When...was this book written? Isaiah was written between 739 and 680 BC. During this time, the northern kingdom, Israel, was destroyed by the Assyrian armies. But Judah was also falling into idolatry.
How...does Isaiah show us God's love? The book of Isaiah tells in detail how Jesus would be born, how he would suffer, and how he would die and rise again to take away our sins. God showed great love to his Old Testament people in giving them this information about the Savior. God promised Jesus to comfort his people, even when they were in misery because of their sins.
What...special messages does this book give us? Isaiah gives the clearest picture anywhere in the Old Testament of what Christ would be like. Although he wrote centuries before Jesus was born, he describes Christ almost as if he had just come. Turn to the colored pages immediately after page 880. See how many of the prophecies of Jesus are from this book!
         ...are some important chapters in this book?
             The wickedness of Judah.                                               Isaiah   1
                            God's holiness.                                                  Isaiah    6
                  How Jesus will be born.                                              Isaiah    7
                            Who Jesus is.                                                    Isaiah    9
                       What Jesus will do.                                                Isaiah   11
    Comfort, comfort for God's people.                                        Isaiah   40
                               God versus idols.                                           Isaiah  44
                Jesus' suffering, death, rising.                                     Isaiah  53
                        New heavens and earth.                                      Isaiah  65
Calendar Birthdays and Events for History plus
On January 17 1501 Leonhard Fuchs, German botonist, was born. He studied ways that plants could be used as foods and medicines. According to Book (1) "Fuchsia-flowering shrubs-were named in his honor." Find out where these following plants go their names: iris, poinsettia, forsythia, achillea, begonia, monarda, narcissus, camelia, magnolia, zinnia, wisteria. Look for other flowers and plants beneficial to us and make a note of them.
Look into the diet of Dr. Adkins and see what he says about wheat bread and many other things. For it is Wheat Bread Month and figure out why it is so much better for us.
In 1919 Popeye the Sailor made his deput as a character in the comic strip "Thimble Theater." He is famed for eating spinach. Find out why it is such an important vegetable for us along with other deep green vegetables as Kale and Brocolli. She if they know of any other cartoon character that get strength from a certain food and then have them form a story strip about Popeye or another.
In 1706 on that day Benjamin Franklin was born. He was an American statesman, scientist, and philosopher.The project to celebrate his birthday Grandma is going to tie to the Singapore Kite Festival. Let the children study about Singapore and Benjamin Franklin's accomplishments. Have them job down interest and important information about Benjamin's inventions as the Franklin stove, the lightning rod, and bifocal glasses and his accomplishments as the organization of a postal system, a newspaper, a hospital, an academy, a library, a fire department, a police department, and an antislavery society.
In learning about these two things have the children design a kite on a piece of paper use as a diamond. Add a string on them and all the little notes about Benjamin Franklin taped on the string and all of it hung up somewhere to display
Other birthdays for January 17 are of Robert Cormier, children's author, born in 1925; James Earl Jones, American actor born in 1931; John Bellairs, children's author, born in 1938; and Muhammad Ali, American boxing champion, born in 1942.
One 1700 event happened in 1773 when the English explorer James Cook became  the first person to sail across the Antarctic Circle.
On January 18 Peter Mark Roget, English scholar and thesaurus author, was born in 1779; in 1782 Daniel Webster, American orator and statesman was born; in 1856 Daniel Hale Williams, African-American surgeon credited with performing the first successful open-heart operation; in 1882 A.A. Milne, children's author and creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, was born. Book (1) says "A.A. Milne's son, Christopher Robin, was the inspiration for the Pooh stories. Christopher's stuffed animals were the models for the characters Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga, and Roo. Winnie-the-Pooh was Christopher's teddy bear. He named it after a real bear in the London zoo ("Winnie") and a swan that he fed (which he called "Pooh"). "
It is Pooh Day. Therefore,talk with your children about their favorite animals and make a story with them. Honey is very good for a person especially with cinnimmon. Figure some good ways to use it in your homes. Make sure it is safe for babies because Grandma is not sure on that.
A last birthday is noted in Book (1) of Raymond Briggs, children's author, in 1934.
Two events are of mention and on the strips with activities to go with them. In 1535 Lima, Peru,(of South America) was founded by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Book one talks about the LLamas. It says they are pack animals and they hiss and spit when they are angry. It want the children to see if any other animal has different traits when they are angry and discuss them as you take notes.
The other event is in 1778 when and English explorer James Cook discovered and named the Sandwich Islands (now the Hawaiian Islands) after the earl of Sandwich. Book one discovered 80 % of Hawaii's population lives in or near Honolulu. Discuss why this happens in most places of the globe and why.
January 19 besides being Singapore Kite Festival day it is also National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. Discuss what this means to other people and why it is so important. In 1736 James Watt, Scottish inventor of the modern steam engine, was born in 1736; Robert E. Lee, commander in chief of the Confederate armies, was born in 1807; Edgar Allan Poe, American poet and short-story writer, was born in 1809; Paul Cezanne, French impressionist painter, was born 1839. Do some research on these two people it will be worth it. Then in 1941 Susan Dodson, children's author is born.
Grandma has 3- 1800 events to mention. One is that of Lieutenant Charles Wilkes sighted Antarctica and claimed it as a U.S. possession in 1840. Discuss what supplies they would have to have to take an expidition to Antarctica. Contiplate if some are more important than others and what they would do if they lost something important.
In 1861 Georgia seceded from the Union. Then in 1898 Brown sut out Harvard, 6-0, in the First official College Hockey Game. Discuss this and other winter sports along with the January 20 event of 1892 for the First Basketball Game played at the YMCA gym in Springfield, Mass. Discuss other times it is fun to play Basketball.
The birthdays for January 20 include that of Andre Ampere, French scientist who made important contributions to the study of electricity and magnetism, born in 1775; Joy Adamson, wildlife conservationist and author of Born Free, was born in 1920; In 1930 Edwin "Buzz" Aldren, American astronaut, was born. It is also Presidential Inauguration Day but we will not be doing that this year.
I hope you all do some Journal writing along with the newspaper and Yearbook work. Have a good Day!

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