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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning


Day 108

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 12:38 AM
Well Grandma got through the problems and she is going to be here! Upon carrying out our responsibilities of assignments, tasks, and work; children can carry out some Childrobotics, challenge them with their talents;
 whether it be some sport, singing or music, hair, make-up, fashion, care for children, cleaning, tinkering,
art or crafts; develop them as much as possible. Maybe it is socializing or talking with people, sales,
computer, typing, programming, science, working with animals. Let them have room to grow and do.
Don't forget to work on language of words, alphabets and sounds(maybe even another language),
 vocabulary, spelling, math, writing, crafts and sewing, baking or cooking, decorating, fashion designing,
singing or playing an instrument, journals, yearbooks, family stories and scrapbooks, and our newspapers.
Grandma was able to capture some information today February 28, 2017 about Mardi Gras celebration from MSN, Bing page of her computer you may have already captured also and may surprise you as follows:

It is also celebrated in Germany (as Karneval), Italy (as Martedi Grasso),Trinidad (as J'Ouvert), and Mexico (as Martes de Carnaval);
Travels back to Medival Europe,, Rome and Venice to the 17th and 18th Century to France;
It is celebrated all along the Gulf Coast with parties, balls, and parades; however, it was first celebrated in the United States at Mobile, Alabama in 1703 on February 28; Today it is second largest to New Orleans, Louisiana ;which New Orleans was only a few thousand people celebrating but today it is at 1.4 million people; legalized as a legal holiday in  Louisiana in 1875;
It is also known as Fat Tuesday;
It is thought to be the last Day of Carnival Season (I think they are forgetting Easter- unless that is considered the beginning besides St. Patrick's Day, then there is others from Mexico besides Mother's and Fathers Days as Well as Fourth of July, then there is Labor Day any many more in the rest of the year.);
Mardi Gras is on or after Three Kings Day and culminates the day prior to Ash Wednesday to mark the beginning of Lent, a 40 day fasting before Easter;
It is action packed with parades, colorful floats, fasting before action-packed parades, colorful floats, and parties and other traditions;
In countries as Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the day proceeding Ash Wednesday is known as Shroveday or "Pancake Day," as people celebrate eating pancakes and taking part in pancake-themed activities.;
Mardi Gras is not complete without Masks because the beginning people wanted to mingle with each other without class constraints and social demands, flambeaux were used to help revelers enjoy festivities at night. Usually slaves and African Americans carried the torches as crowds toss coins at them for lighting the way for the floats--today they dance and spin it with Kerosene lamps.;
Every year in New Orleans features a King they name as Rex--the first King crowned in 1872, was actually Grand Duke Alexis of Russia--who started the throwing of beads, originally made of glass but today they are plastic and have grown to Frisbees, plastic cups, and even doubloons-the beads etc. come in purple for justice, gold for power, green for faith-they are thrown at people optimized as the color's meaning.;
Every Year more than 500,000 King cakes are sold in New Orleans between Jan 6 and Fat Tuesday that have a hidden plastic baby doll inside, representing Baby Jesus. The person that finds it is announced the King and is expected to purchase the next cake or throw the next party.
So now you've heard it all. 

We are going to start lessons with the Bible and Faith Alive. We will start by reading "The Calling of
Mathew" Mathew 9:9-17 and "Jesus Questioned About Fasting" Luke 5:18-32, 33-39; read from
Faith Alive "Life In Bible Times-Tax Collectors--In Bible times some tax collectors had outdoor offices
by highways. People who traveled had to stop and pay taxes on the goods they carried. The Jews resented the men who collected taxes for the Romans." (When Grandma thinks about this she thinks of little cartoon character as in the Roadrunner; speeding around after the Roadrunner and having to stop to pay the taxes.
Then she thinks of the toll collectors on the new highways collecting for the building of them.) Now read 
"The Workers Are Few" Mathew 9:35-38; and again read "Jesus Sends Out the Twelve" and from  
Faith Alive Did You Know? 10:1 What did Jesus' disciples do? Disciple means student as learner. Jesus
 trained his disciples to preach and teach. The disciples were ordinary men. Many had jobs catching fish, but now they would be "fishers of men." Also read from Faith Alive "Let's Live It! Mathew 10:24-25a

A Family Fun Night--Plan a family fun night, when everyone dresses up to look the way he or she thinks
Jesus looked. Find pictures of Bible times clothing. Wear old bathrobes, make towel headdresses
. You might even serve a Bible times meal of fish, fruit, and pita bread.
Then read Matthew 10:24-25a together, and talk about ways you can be like Jesus in your daily life."
Grandma is going to cover the Book (1) calendar for the 28th and the 29th. The 29th because our earth
 takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and a little over 45 seconds to revolve around the sun. Therefore,
 every fourth year we have 366 days. Even though we do not celebrate it this year you can think of a way it would be fun to celebrate it a year it does come. Maybe you feel we could skip it or "leap over" it. Make a list of the next seven leap years. Maybe you can figure out a rule for figuring out whether any given year as or will be a leap year?

The birthdays on February 28 begin with that of Charles Bondin, French tightrope walker who crossed
 Niagara Falls many times on a wire.

(Grandma lost the year somewhere, maybe you can find it as she will look too)

Then in 1901 Linus Pauling, American chemist and two-time Nobel Prize winner, was born.

Next Tommy Tue, singer, dancer, and musical theater director, was born.

Last Mario Andretti, race car driver, was born.

(Supposedly these were born 1901 also. Maybe they all were.  We will all try to find out and see who finds them first.)

 The only two events before the 1900's are as follows:

In 1849 on February 28 The First of California Gold-Seekers arrived in San Francisco. Book (1) has this to say, "The first group of California gold-seekers, known as the 49ers, arrived on the steamboat California. Within 10 years, San Francisco had grown from a small town to a city of 379,994. Most nearby towns prospered as local businesses and industries grew. Ask the (children) if they know why people first settled their community. If not, challenge them to find out."

The other event on February 28 happened in 1854 in which the Republican Party was created at Ripon, Wis.

February 29th is not only Leap Year Day but it is Bachelors Day and Save the Rhino Day. Book (1) says,
 "Your (children) might be surprised to find out that the rhinoceros is the second largest land mammal
alive today. Can they name the Largest?(The elephant.) White rhinos weigh 5,000 to 8,000 pounds." How many people (at 150lbs each or children as you) would it take to weight that much? White rhinos stay in groups--called crashes--of six or eight. How many names for other groups of animals can you think of?"

The birthdays in Gioacchine Antonio Rossini, Italian composer whose works include William Tell and
The Barber of Seville, born in 1792 on February 29.

The second is of John Philip Holland, Irish-born American pioneer
 in the development of the modern submarine, born in 1840 on February 29.

The only event for February 29th is that of
1288 in which the Scottish law made it Legal for Women to Propose to men.

In Grandma's Books (6) and (13) there is a book called Crow Boy by Taro Yashima (Viking Press,
1955, 37pp). The main character, Chibi, is a little different than the other children and learns a little
different yet he was still very much like the other children. Make a list of ways the children themselves
 are like other children and then another list of ways they are different and talk about it. When he is
 honored for a perfect attendance record it makes Chibi feel better about himself. Talk about ways
others can be rude to us when we are very good people and ways we can act and do to make things
Book (13) talks about different food to try to eat with chopsticks. Maybe you can make one of your favorite recipes and eat Japanese style for one night. The activities for this include the Origami making, some Asian Games as Jacks; Hopscotch; Stone, Scissors, and Paper. One activity is making a Fish print.
Start by painting the fish across the top of it with paint. Press a paper across the top of it, making a
 print to reused if necessary.

Grandma must go to bed, she will give you more stuff later for Monday. Thanks

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