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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning


Day 110

Posted on March 3, 2014 at 4:35 PM
Good Morning Folks! I hope you had some fun yesterday and you are ready for a new day. Do your tasks for the day, Childrobotics, music, dancing or physical activity or you can use the health lesson Grandma will present today. Don't forget your writing, language-words, alphabet, sounds, sentence structure, yearbooks, journal writing, reports, extra reading, and newspapers as well as weather and news broadcasts.

Grandma will start with the calendar history of March 4 first.

The first birthday is in 1678 on March 4 of Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer.

The next is in 1748 on March 4 of Casimir Pulaski, Polish count and American Revolutionary War hero.

The last is on March 4 in 1906 for Meindert Dejong, children's author.

It is National Nutrition Month; therefore, List your (childrens) favorite foods then look for its nutritional value, some are on the containers. Afterward, the kids can create jingles or bumper stickers advertising the healthfulness of their favorite foods.

It is also National Shoe Week; therefore, you can "discuss the meaning of the saying "It's hard to fill his shoes." Then ask each (child) to name a person he or she admires. What qualities would be needed to fill that person's shoes? Next, give each student a large sheet of paper, scissors, and colored markers. Have each child draw a large shoe, color it, then cut it out. Inside their shoes, the kids should write the name of the person they admire and the qualities needed to fill his or her shoes." Display the shoes for others to see. This could be included in your fair.

The events for the day are as follows:

On March 4, 1493-Christopher Columbus landed at Lisbon, thus completing his first voyage to the New World.

On March 4, 1681-England's King Charles II granted William Penn a Charter for what is now Pennsylvania.

In 1789 on March 4-The First U.S. Congress convened in New York City.

On March 4, 1791 Vermont became the 14th State.

On March 4, 1793-George Washington was inaugurated for a second term. It is the Old Inauguration Day.

Then in 1801 on March 4 Thomas Jefferson became the First president Inaugurated in Washington D.C. Book (1) says Thomas Jefferson helped plan the city of Washington, D.C., describing it as "a very agreeable country residence." He also selected the architecture for many public buildings and presided over the design competition for the Capitol. Using a pseudonym, Jefferson submitted his own architectural plan for the White House, but it was rejected. Ask your (children) what might have pleased him about the design of the Jefferson Memorial.

And in1809 on March 4 George Clinton became the First Vice President to serve under two presidents.

Grandma is going to assign the reading in the Bible and Faith Alive information next. First answer the question from Faith Alive matching with Mark12:1 "Did You knows?-What are parables? A parable is a special kind of story. It teaches a lesson by saying what something is like. When we know what the things in a parable stand for, we can understand what the parable is teaching. Each person in the parable in Mark 12 stands for someone: the man who planted the vineyard--God; the farmers--religious leaders; the servants--God's prophets; the son--Jesus. Jesus was telling the story of salvation in this parable." Read "Parable of the Sower" Mark 4:1-20, Mathew 13:1-23, Luke 8:1-15; "Crowds Follow Jesus" Mark 3:7-12; "Jesus Mother and Brothers" Mark 3:31-35, Luke 8:19-21; "Lamp of the Body" Luke 11;33-53;"A Lamp on a Stand" Mark 4:21-25, Luke 8:16-18; "Parables of the Weeds" Mathew 13:24-29, "...of the Weeds Explained" Mathew 13:36-43; from Faith Alive comes "Life in Bible Times-Sowing Seed--Farmers in the first century didn't use machines to sow their fields with seed. They took handfuls of seed and with a sweeping motion, threw it on the ground they had plowed. A skillful sower could spread gain seeds very evenly." Next read "Parables of the Seed" Mathew 13:1-30; "Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast" Mark 4:30-34, Mathew 13:31-35 from Faith Alive "Did You Know? Mathew 13:36 What is the parable of the weeds about? The parable of the weeds means that Christians live in the world alongside unbelievers. God does not want to lose anyone who will believe in him, so he lets the world go on until the time for Jesus to return." Luke 13:18-21 and do out of Faith Alive "Let's Live It! Luke 13:18-19 Two Ways To Grow--God's plan for all living things is for them to grow. Ask your mom or dad how many inches long you were when you were born. Mark that many inches on a wall. Then stand by the wall and mark how tall you are now.
People grow spiritually too. Talk with your parents. Ask if they can see ways you have grown spiritually in the past two years." Next read  "Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl" Mathew 13:44-46 and "Parables of the Net" Mathew 13:47-52. Next read a lesson called "A Prophet Without Honor" Mathew 13:53-58, Mark 6:1-5.
Here is some more work you can do this spring tied to what we have learned about Japan. Book (57) says under ""Wonders of Nature" Japanese children learn to appreciate nature at a young age and are trained to observe many things most Western children do not. In order to help your (children) gain a greater appreciation of nature, (when the weather allows us) take them out on a "nature appreciation" walk. Point out simple aspects of their natural surroundings, things usually taken for granted: the rhythm of nature's sounds, the simple elegance of a blade of grass, the complexity in the form of a pine cone.
Let each (child) collect one natural object, such as a stone or twig, which under normal circumstances would be most insignificant. Upon returning to class, have each student study his or her object, taking into account not only its visual aspects but its feel and smell as well. Write a list of words describing it. Using the list of descriptive words, have each student write an account as if he or she were that object. Have students consider what affects them in the form of the object, their likes and dislikes, the influences of nature and the seasons upon them, whether there are friends or enemies in their natural habitat. Let your imaginations take you on a creative journey through nature!
Following are two examples of Haiku Poetry:
                   The caterpillar                                                          A sudden shower
                    Rests upon the barren leaf                                     The big green frog jumps into
                    In the morning breeze.                                            The pond with a splash.
"More examples can be found in Come Along, by Rebecca Caudill (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston)."
"As an exercise in free verse, suggest that each (child) write a line about spring that he or she considers to be poetic."
Below are some Japanese words for American and given the Japanese Pronunciation
    English                            Japanese                                   Pronunciation
    BOY                                   OTOKO NO KO                          OH-TOH-KOH NOH KOH
    GIRL                                   ONNA NO KO                            OH-NAH NAH KOH
    CHILD                                KODOMO                                   KOH-DOH-MOH
    MOTHER                           HAHA                                          HAH-HAH
    FATHER                            CHICHI                                        CHEE-CHEE
    TEACHER                         SENSEI                                       SEN-SAY
    SCHOOL                            GAKKO                                       GA-KOH
    HOUSE                               UCHI                                           OO-CHEE
    GARDEN                            NIWA                                           NEE-WAH
    FLOWER                            HANA                                          HAH-NAH
    BOOK                                  HON                                            HOHN
    JAPAN                                 NIPPON                                      NEE-PON
    WATER                               MIZU                                            MEE-ZOO
    YES                                      HAI                                               HI
     NO                                       LIE                                                EE-EH
You can take this unit on Japan that we have been working on and divide it up into categories as these
below and make booklets of each category.
  • major cities
  • art, music, and drama
  • holidays and festivals
  • industry
  • educational system
  • home life
  • recreation and entertainment
  • clothing
  • geography
Any of these categories you want more of you can usually get off of Internet. You can print out pictures or take a colored picture to a printing place for them to print out. Look in magazines etc. for pictures. You can do this with almost any country you want to learn about or keep a record of.
Book (57) also covers "National Pig Week" given to us from our Calendar History Book (1). Book (57) has a recipe with popcorn as follows:
   "Pig OUt!
   For each treat you need:
  • pink popcorn ball
  • toothpicks
  • thin red licorice
  • pink, red, white gumdrops or any similar soft candy
  1. Insert two toothpicks in the top of popcorn ball and add gumdrops for ears.
  2. Add two gumdrops to the end of one toothpick and insert in front for the snout.
  3. Cut a gumdrop into flat pieces and attach with toothpicks for eyes.
  4. Add two gumdrops each onto the end of four toothpicks and but on the bottom of the popcorn ball for legs.
  5. Use the thin licorice for tail(Twist before attaching!) and eyelashes, etc.
  6. Add gumdrops for spots, if it sounds good!
  7. When you are finished with your piggy treat you can
         a. Name it.
         b. Make a candy pen for it.
         c. Show it to a friend. (Don't get too close!)
         d. Write a story, poem, or limerick about it.
         e. Use it as a centerpiece on your table or desk at home.
          f  Write directions on how you made it, in correct sequence, with complete sentences.
         g. Make up your own ideas of how to use it.
         h. Write an advertisement selling it.
          i. Or eat it!
Other Pig snacks
  1. Buy pink-frosted animals crackers at your grocery store.
  2. Buy a pig cookie cutter. Make cookies and decorate with pink frosting and other goodies."
  1. What would you do if a pig followed you home today after school?_____________________________________________________________________________
  2. If you had a stuffed animal that was a pig, what color would you like it to be, and why?______________________________________________________________________________
  3. If you had a pig for a pet, would you rather have a male or female? Why?______________________________________________________________________________
  4. Suppose you were a real pig. What name would you like and what would you like to do?______________________________________________________________________________
  5. Why do you think some farmers choose to raise pigs instead of other animals?______________________________________________________________________________
Pig Math
  1. Mom went to the store to buy ham and bacon. Her bill was $5.71. How much change did she get from $10.00?____________________________________________________________________________
  2. A pig can eat 9 ears of corn in a minute. How many ears could he eat in_______minutes?____________________________________________________________________________
  3. A hog weighs 1,742 lbs. and a pig weighs 894 lbs. What is the difference in their weight?_____________________________________________________________________________
  4. Farmer Mud has 45 hogs and 203 pigs. How many more pigs?_____________________________
  5. One pound of ham costs $1.76. How much for three pounds?_______________________________
  6. If one hot dog cost__________¢, how much would it cost for 7 boys and 6 girls to each have one?_____________________________________________________________________________
  7. If nine pigs went to the dance, how many pigs' feet were on the dance floor?_____________________________________________________________________________
  8. In one week Farmer Stinks pigs ate 4,096 lbs. of corn and 269 lbs. of hog feed. How many more corn?________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Farmer Oink-oink has 68 spotted pigs, 72 black pigs, 39 white pigs and 325 pink ones. How many pigs does he have?___________________________________________________________________
Draw a picture of a pig for each child with no face if you wish and let them either color and cut clothes to fit on it or draw and cut clothes on the paper. Draw their faces on them.
Make a pig picture they can fit their own face in either paper, brown paper, colored papers, pictures, cardboard windows etc.
The Three Little Pigs
Read the contemporary version with an urban setting by Tony Ross (Pantheon, 1983).
Then have your (children) "fracture" the classic story . Change the story about.
A couple of sarters....
   1. Early one morning in the summer of 1987, three little pigs set out on their Kawasaki 100s to......
   2. Everyone knows Mother Pig sent out her three little darlings to find a new home. However, not too many people know of their recent whereabouts: Hollywood, CA--where they are currently making a new movie called...
Get in the MUD for national Pig Day
1. Make name tags for your students___they can create their own piggy names for the day.
John Mud, Jennifer Swine
 2. When pronouncing the week's spelling words, use them in sentences about pigs, and put them in sentences about pigs.
Pig Talk
went, gone
   1. Farmer Frank Pig______________to the farm of his brother Hamdell.
   2. Hamdell had _________________to live on a bigger farm.
   3. Hamdell had been___________________for a month.
    4. Frank has_________________to get his brother.
    5. Hamdell_____________________out of the pig house with his radio and skateboard.
    6. Frank______________________wearing his old hat.
ran, run
    7. Frank and Hamdell_______________________down the road.
    8. Hamdell____________________down in the ditch.
    9. Frank had to _________________________after him!
ate, eaten
10.  Frank____________________some lunch along the way.
11. Handell had already____________________so they went home!
Let's Pig Out on Some Good Pig Books
Have books and simple book report forms available. (clovers, pigs, flowers, umbrellas, rain drops) Display book reports. Each book report can include a fun activity.
1. Paint a picture of your favorite part of the book.
2. Use colored pencils and sketch this story with a completely different beginning or ending.
3. Using some colored sequins from the jar on your teacher's desk, dress up the pig in your story in a _____.___________________________________________________________________________
4. Uniquely design something from the book using felt-tip markers.
    tell how the pig in your story would use it.
   With a specific book in mind, very creative projects can be created!
Two activities here and one from the information on Japan in Book (57) mentioned doing a spring bulletin board. If you wish you can do something like this for spring putting Japan , pigs, flowers, etc. on it. Even a poster board is fun You could use poster board. Play games, puppets, skits, etc. Grandma also has things about National Parks , zoos, and animals out of Book (57) starting this week also. Please take care and have a good day. 

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