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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning


1st continuation of summer classes

Posted on August 11, 2014 at 11:43 AM
Dear folks;
Grandma is in Mexico. We heard my husbands father was not waking up and trying to go as soon as could. Many things move us forward and we left home to grandson to care. Hopped on bus with new laptop. Took some work to make connections from the villages of Mexico. We have our own home here by my husbands mother. The whole five homes and 20 acres were given to my husband as a boy. He fed 11 and his mama ten years with it as his brother followed with the corn. He gave it to his papa upon return and now shares with sister and two brothers. Wonderful people!
Learned a special saint, Saint Cristo, brought the Christianity herseae to the villages along with Jose. It is famous history, even before the revolution. They had lots of firecracker's, dinners, and markets.
Grandma left off with the luau celebration of the Hawaiian king's birthday on June 11. The rest of June 11th birthday's are as follows:

1864 of Richard Strauss, German composer

1880 Jeannette Rankin, American legislator and the first woman
elected to the U.S. Congress

1910 Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French oceanographer
As a teenager
Book (1) says in "Undersea Adventures-As a teenager, Jacques-Yves Cousteau injured his arm in a car accident. To aid his recovery, Cousteau saw used to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. When he got a pair of goggles, Cousteau was able to see the beautiful world beneath the surface of the water and thus began his lifelong pursuit of undersea adventures.Invite your (children) to imagine the world Cousteau saw for the first time. Then have them construct a semantic web around the word sea and  illustrate what they "see.""

This leads us into the undersea study of Book (57). It starts with "Underwater World by Dee Leone--
Where can you find a creature that has been around for so many years its blood is based on copper rather than iron? What place boasts an animal that looks like a carpet, complete with "fringe"? In what kind of habitat might you see a strange animal with a surprising and somewhat gruesome resemblance to human fingers? These and other unique creaqtures can be found in the fascenating and mysterious underwater world. Learn about many of the animals of the sea as you complete the activities in this unit.
(use books with pictures of undersea creature to enhance the children's interest.)

Horseshoe Crab: Circle the nouns.
Horseshoe crabs have been around for many years. These living fossils are not really crabs. They are surviving members of a group of animals that lived during the Jurassic period. One of the horseshoe crab's outstanding physical features is a spike at the end of its tail which it uses to help right itself when it has been turned upside down by a wave.

Carpet Shark: Circle the verbs.
The carpet shark, or wobbegog, looks like a lumpy piece of carpet lying on the ocean floor in shallow water. Hanging from the mouth area are fringe-like pieces that resemble weeds. With disguise and its blotchy skin, the carpet shark is well-camouflaged as it lies in wait for its prey.
Dead Man's Fingers: Underline the plural words.
A sea anemone called "dead man's fingers" has finger-like branches that are pale in color. Dead man's fingers grow on rocks and stones lying on the sea floor. The sea anemones feed upon tiny organisms that they capture by using stinging tentacles."

(This leads us to the following videos on Youtube of connections Sea1, Sea2, and Sea3. There is many more on youtube to watch.)

Back to Book (57):

"Fish "Tails" and Other Tales of the Sea
Read about some of the creatures of the sea. Then use your creativity and imagination to create your own tales of the sea.

Mermaid Tales
When a manatee raises its head and shoulders out of the water and cradles its young to nurse, the pose it assumes can appear somewhat humanlike from a distance. Long ago, sailors may have observed the manatee like this. Then they may have caught a glimpse of the manatee's tail as it dove beneath the surface. From these sightings and sightings of dugongs(close relatives of the manatee), tales of mermaids probably arose. "Mermaids' purses: can sometimes be found along the shore. These sac-like objects with tendrils attached are really the empty egg cases of a shark called the dogfish, but they probably helped to further the legend of the mythical mermaid.
Write a tale about a mermaid. Describe the mermaid's appearance, sleeping patterns, eating habits, social life, travels, diversions, use of sea "tools," and relationships with other sea creatures.
(You may want to check out Mermaids because of some recent studies.)

Whale of a Tale
Besides humans, right whales and humpback whales are the only mammals that sing true songs. All the whales within a group sing the same song, though they graduallly change and add parts to it each year. What tales the humpback whales tell each other with these songs is uncertain. Since they do not sing during the time spent in the polar feeding areas, but do sing during their migration to warmer waters, the songs may have something to do with traveling or breeding.
Write about an underwater "whale of a performance" in which a humpback whale stars as the lead singer. What other creatures take part in the concert? Guitarfish? Striped drum? Fiddler crab? Trumpet fish? What is the name of the group and what are its hit songs? What kind of equipment is used--instruments powered by electric eels from the Amazon? What are the special effects? Bioluminescent strobe lights? Puffs os "smoke" created by squid and octopus stagehands? For what type of audience does the music hold appeal? Coral sea fans? Is your humpback hero successful enough to have his or her name written on a starfish near Manta's Chinese Theater or to have his or her picture appear on a sand dollar? These are just a few questions to get you started. Let your imagination swim!"

Another section of Book (57) is a section on "Whales by Florence Rives;
Whales have been the subject of newspaper articles, films, filmstrips, TV programs, and environmental protectionists' speeches and conversations recently; especially since many of the "mammoths" have been beached, found sick, and have lost their way in the oceans. Many have been hunted down and killed for their meat and oil. They are in danger of becoming extinct. Perhaps this will be a good time for students to study a unit about whales.

___A little message to apalologize again for all the problems of trying to get this to you this summer. Being here in Mexico left me with a lot of problems of trying to get this typed to you. ___

Children have long been fascinated by the study of dinosaurs--huge creatures on Earth during the age of reptiles. The sizes of these animals have had much to do with this fascination. A study of whales can be equally fascinating--giant mammals that live today in the Earth's large bodies of water.
The primary objective of this study is to gain information, facts, and knowledge concerning whales. Few of us know much about these animals. Many children think that whales are fish because they live in water. They do not think of whales as mammals.
  1. There are two main categories or divisions of whales: baleen whales, which are often referred to as "whalebone" whales, and toothed whales. Research to discover how they differ                       Baleen Whales: These whales do not have teeth. They have a horny substance--like the substance that hair and fingernails are made from--in a series of thin plates, like bristles, that strain out the tiny plankton that these whales eat.                                    
          Toothed Whales: These whales have teeth suited for grasping fish, squid, and sometimes other 
          food. For example, the "killer" whale might eat seals, porpoises, and small baleen whales.
      2.  List some of the whales in each division. Find out  how big they grow to be and where they may
           be found. Read descriptions of each. Find pictures and make sketches of them. Make notes of
           your findings.
            Baleen Whales:
            Bowhead--80 feet; Artic Ocean
            Right Whale--55 feet; North and South
            Blue whale (California Gray whale--45 feet; North Pacific,
            Sulfer Bottom)--111 feet; all oceans except Arctic
            California Gray whale--45 feet; North Pacific, coasts of Asia & America
            Humpback--55 feet:all oceans
            Fin whale--75 feet; all oceans except in Artic ice
            There are others. Read about them. Research in depth either the blue whale or the humpback.
            Prepare a paper about the one you choose to research. Share it with your (family and friends)
       3.  Some scientists(cetologists)think that whales might have been land animals and perhaps
            walked on four legs millions of years ago. What evidence do they cite? Read several
  •  Small bones that appear to be the remains of hind limbs still exist, buried within the whale's body.
  • .The  flipper contains bones similar to those in human arms and hands.
  •  The relic of a pelvis may be found in a small bone in the muscle tissue on either side of the genital area.
  • Whales breathe through an opening at or near the top of the head.
  • Embryosof whales have two nostrils at the tip of the snout, like land animals.
  • They have the usuaal liver of a land animal.
  • Whales are warms-blooded mammals.
  • Their stomachs are compartmented much like the cow's.
  • Blood tests indicate that the nearest living relatives of both the baleen and toothed whales are ungulate, orhoofed mammals, such as camels, sheep, cattle rhinoceros, and hippopotamus.
      4. What do some scientists believe is one reason why whales are able to grow to be so big? 
  • Being water-borne, weight does not hamper them. They are supported and buoyed by the water.   Land animals are limited in size by the ability of their legs to carry them. (Think about
      5. List the general characteristics of whales.
  • Largest mammals that give birth and provide milk for their young.
  • Have lungs and breathe air.
  • Warm-blooded, water-borne. Their great size and streamlined shape are great defenses against
  • Blubber, or fat, holds in heat and acts as insulation. A ninety-foot blue whale may have twenty tons of blubber.
  • Whales cannot pant or sweat to cool off. However, cetologists believe that their fins may vibrate away excess heat because their fins don't contain blubber and have a rich blood supply.
      6. How do whales swim?
They move their fludkes up and down. Whales use their flippers to balance and help steer, not for swimming.
      7. Find out about whale spouts.

  • A whale's location is mainly discovered by it's spout. When a whale's location is mainly discovered by it. When  a whale rises to the surface to breathe, it gives off a whitish spray through its one or two blowholes. Some think that this spray is caused  by the condensation of water vapor in the cold air. Others think that when the air, whichhas been compressed in the whale's thorax, reaches the open air, it cases the condensation of the waer vapor. Each species of whale gives out a single geyser that rises eighteen to thirty feet. The right whale has a double spout.

      8  How are whale oil and whale meat used?

  • Margarine, lubricants, soap, paint, wax, shoe polish, lighting purposes, dog food, glycerine for explosives, cattle feed, chicken feed, fertilizer, mink feed.                   

      9. Point out on a world map the spots where whales have been observed carefully by cetologists,
         adventurers, and whalers seeking blubber and meat.
     10. Why do whales migrate? Where do they go?? Track their migration path on a map or globe.
  • To seek food; to seek refuge from enemies like the killer whale.
  • To molt, loat, play, and perhaps rid themselves of parasites.
  • To seek warmer waters where they mate and give birth.
     11.Find out and discuss measures that have been taken to protect whales.


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