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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

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Some of June for Summer

Posted on August 28, 2014 at 10:45 PM
Grandma left off on the birthday of Jacques Cousteau June 11 we will continue with the following:
1945 birthday of Robert Munsch, storyteller and children's author
1956 birthday of Joe Montana, professional football quarterback
Book (1) has an activity called "Sports role models-When Joe Montana started playing sports in grade school, he'd anxiously wait for his father to return from work so they could practice football drills. To develop his passing accuracy, he practiced throwing a football through a moving tire swing. While practicing, he and his best friend would pretend to be stars on the Notre Dame football team. Ask your students to name the athletes they try to emulate."
The events for June 11 are as follows:
1895 Frank and Charles Duryea were granted a patent on the first Successful Gasoline-Powered- Automobile in the United States.
1912 Joseph H. Dickinson of Cranford, N.J., patented the Player Piano.
1919 Sir Barton became the First Horse to Win the Triple Crown.
1978 A dog named Martha Faye set the Canine Distance Record
for Frisbee Catching when she caught a 334.6-foot toss.
1988 Adragon Eastwood Demello--age 11 3/4--became
the Youngest College Graduate on record.
It is also Race Unity Day
The next day of concern is June 12 as follows:
1806 is the birthday of John Augustus Roebling, German-born American
engineer who designed the Brooklyn Bridge
1817 is the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, American writer
As given in Book (1) under "Simplifying one's life-At the age of 28, Henry David Thoreau built and moved into a cabin on Walden Pond near Concord, Mass. He lived there alone for the next 2 years, growing beans, observing nature, and writing. In large part, Thoreau retreated to Walden Pond to find out what he needed for a fulfilling life and what he could do without. He believed that many of the things society considered necessities were in fact merely distractions, and that the pursuit of them led people to overwork themselves and, in the process, to become unhappy. So he tried to pare his life down to the essentials. Present these ideas to your (children). Then ask each of them to create a list of things that are important in their lives. They might get ideas for the list by thinking about what they spend their time doing. Lists might include such things as housing, TV, music, sports, a VCR, (now DVD's. computer games as well as other games), toys, nice clothes, a bike, (skateboarding), and a telephone. Next, ask the children each to examine their list carefully and to put a check mark next to any items that aren't really necessary but that add significantly to the quality of their life. Have them explain why. Then have them put an X next to any items they could do without and not miss, again telling why. Finally, ask the kids what, if anything, they learned from this exercise."
1827 is the birthday of Johanna Spyrl, Swiss author who wrote Heidi
1924 is the birthday of George Herbert Walker
Bush, 41st president of the United States
1929 is the birthday of Anne Frank, German-Dutch diarist
The events for June 12 are as follows:
1913 The First Animated Cartoonist, The Dachshund, was released.
1917 The Secret Service extended its protection to the president's family.
1922 The First Documentary Film--Robert Flaharty's
Nanook of the North--was released.
1939 The Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown, N.Y.
Book (1) says in an activity under "Halls of fame- Tell your (children) the names of the five original members of the Baseball Hall of Fame: Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, and Ty Cobb. Next, have (the children) choose an area of interest and create a "Hall of Fame" for it by selecting five charter members. Have the kids present their choices... ."
Book (57) has a unit on Baseball I forgot to mention. In it they give a list of "Some Hall of Famers:
Mickey Mantle               Jackie Robinson          Babe Ruth                     Ted Williams
Sandy Koufax                Cy Young                    Abner Doubleday            Branch Rickey
Ferguson Jenkins           Roy Campanella          Christy Mathewson         Hank Aaron
Joe DiMaggio                 Whitey Ford                Ford Frick                      Willie Mays
Lou Gehrig                     Juan Marichal              John McGraw                 Frank Robinson
Satchel Paige                Jim Thorpe                   Honus Wagner               Walter Alston
Johnny Bench                Lou Brock                    Happy Chandler              Bob Feller
Billy Martin                     Carl Hubbell                 Joe McCarthy                 Nolan Ryan
Warren Spahn                Tris Speaker                 Roberto Clemente           Bob Gibson
Lefty Grove                     Al Kaline                      Joe Morgan                    Carl Yastrzemski
Kenesaw Mountain Landis                                  Albert Goodwill Spalding
(Grandma will have to finish this in the morning. Problems have dragged her down today that had to be dealt with. The wires on the wireless may be too old and creating a problem but Hughes Net decided to change the security system to the lap top I used in Mexico because it had a problem. Therefore, we went through a whole day session. Now we should be able to finish in prayers. I might get new cords before I finish though. Take care. I will start early and work on.)             

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