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Another Section of July for Summer Lessons

Posted on September 12, 2014 at 2:41 AM
As I said in the first part of July's Calendar History and Summer activities, these lessons can be infiltrated into the summer lessons of the regular lessons or used for next summer. They all connect together. The problem will be to put the lessons in a safe place that you can refer to them later.
The Time Line for the Calendar History can be started anytime, just catch up with the months behind and add the summer Calendar History in. Explorer history after the Bible History and history before the explorations is a good place to start things as the beginning of man, cave men, etc. Dinosaurs can fit in even before man or at the same time, for as I may have mentioned before, footprints of man were found in Texas as the time of Dinosaurs. There was a documentary at a book store they let me use. However, Grandma cannot remember the reference name or anything only that they let me show it to a Sunday school class. Maybe check with the librarians. Grandma will also do some computer research.
For those that missed by blog stating that the Calendar notes can just be cut into little strips and hung on a yarn or string line across something with paper clips or pinned on a board. They could also be glued or pinned on a calendar. However, they should go by the year not the month because then it gives the children more concept of when things happened in history.
Grandma is starting this blog of the Calendar History from Book (1) with July 12 with the birthdays as follows:

July 12,100B.C. Julius Caesar, Roman general and statesman, was born.

July 12, 1730 Josiah Wedgwood, English pottery maker, was born.

July 12, 1817 Henry David Thoreau, American essayist and naturalist, was born.

Book (1) has the following activity under "Thoughts from Thoreau-Henry David Thoreau is most famous for the book Walden, which detailed his experiences living alone in a log cabin on Walden Pond.
But he is also remembered for his essay "Civil Disobedience," which outlined the principles of nonviolent resistance later developed and used so effectively by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. In the essay, Thoreau discussed his objections to the war with Mexico and to slavery in the United States. He concluded that he could not in good conscience support a government engaged in such policies, so he refused to pay his poll tax and was arrested. Organize a (family) debate on the issue of how far a citizen's obligation to obey governmental authority extends. Does the fact that the government was elected democratically mean that it is due obedience? Or is a citizen who strongly disagrees with the government's policies justified in a form of protest such as refusing to pay taxes? Should the protester be prepared to accept the legal penalties for civil disobedience? Why or why not?(Grandma feels it takes stronger means and lots of prayer to get what we really want in this world. Prayer actually does miraculous things but God must be in approval and want something that direction for anything to happen. Sometimes it takes his strength and the powers he also gives us inside before we come up with the answers. However, what United States has actually proved again and again is that if people work together many things can happen. Sometimes even the devil can be in control, but good people know the difference and have been able to stop the bad also.These are also good things to think about.)

July 12, 1854 George Eastman, American industrialist
and inventor of the Kodak camera, was born.

July 12, 1895 Buckminster Fuller, American engineer known
for developing the geodesic dome, was born.

Book (1) gives an activity for this birthday in "Photo opportunities-Invite your(children to look at) favorite photographs  that they or their family members have taken. Discuss the elements to consider when taking a photograph--for example, subject, lighting, camera angle, composition. (The computer can give you some of this information to read up on. Grandma can't tell you where because she would have to relook it up herself. Be sure to check in Youtube first.) If possible, (practice with whatever means you have for pictures yourself) and let the (children) take pictures of (you and) one another. The children can then make construction-paper frames for the finished prints." (Now we have so many easy means of picture taking when there was a time that Kodak pictures were pretty good pictures to have in our times.)

July 12, 1917 Andrew Wyeth,  American artist, was born.

July 12, 1937 Bill Cosby, American actor and comedian, was born.

Now for the events of July 12th:

July 12, 1808 The Missouri Gazette, the First Newspaper West of the
Mississippi River, began publication.

July 12, 1862 Congress authorized the army Medal of Honor for
gallantry "above and beyond the call of duty."

July 12, 1870 John W. Hyatt was granted a patent for Celluloid.

July 12, 1909 Congress passed the Sixteenth Amendment, which
gave the federal government the power to tax incomes.

July 12, 1933 The U.S Minimum Wage was set at 40¢ an hour.

Book (1) says in "Minimum-wage math-Ask your (children): How much would a worker receiving the minimum wage in 1933 be paid for a 40-hour workweek? How much would the same worker be paid annually? Have the kids find out the current minimum wage in the United States, then perform the same calculations for today's minimum-wage worker."
(At the time of this wage in History, my grandfather lost his farm, wife, baby, and I think his truck. My mom lived with her grandparents for some years while my grandfather worked for others to have a place to stay and be fed. As she was a teenager she babysat, worked at a jewelers, walked to school and did dishes from her step mother feeding 20 hungry men, working on the railroad and do their shirts for them during the day. However, her step mother made enough to buy another farm for my grandfather that we have to this day. My grandfather owned two other houses before he died and built one with my mother the year I was born. My mothers grandfather carved leather saddles for a living as my grandfather had learned from me. He also played fiddle at the church dances and her grandmother the piano. My mother said he only made $9 with the railroad. I keep forgetting to ask her if that was for a week or each day. For it was nearly in the late 40's when she was a teen. However, she said meat was pretty scarce to come by in the homes as I believe they had lots of vegetables, eggs, cheese, and did some hunting yet.)

July 12, 1957 Dwight D. Eisenhower became the First
President to Fly in a Helicopter.

July 12, 1984 New York instituted the nation's First
Mandatory Seat-Belt Law.

Now we fall into July 13 starting with the following Birthdays:

July 13, 1886 Father Edward Flanagan, American priest and
founder of Boy's Town, was born.

July 13, 1918 Marcia Brown, children's author, was born.

July 13, 1923 Ashley Bryan, children's poet, was born.

July 13, 1940 Patrick Stewart, British actor who played Captain Picard
in the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation", was born.

July 13, Harrison Ford, American Actor, was born.

July 13, Spud Webb, 5' 5" professional basketball player, was born.

Book (1) says in "Against the odds-Using a sports almanac or other sources, have your (children) compile a list of the heights of 20 professional basketball players, including Spud Webb. Then have them make a graph. Discuss the results.

Next for the Events:

July 13, 1832 Henry Schoolcraft discovered the Source of
the Mississippi River: Minnesota's Lake Itasca.

July 13, 1837 Buckingham Palace in London became the
official residence of the British royal family.

July 13, 1863 Riots Against the Civil War Military Draft erupted in New York.

July 13, 1865 In an editorial, Horace Greeley gave the famous advice,
"Go West, Young Man, and Grow Up with the Country."

Book (1) says in "Starting over-Ask your (children) to speculate on why Americans might have been particularly receptive to Horace Greeley's advice in 1865. (The Civil War had just ended, and many people wanted to make a new start in life.) What advice would your (children) give someone who wanted to start a new life today? Have them write appropriate slogans on strips of colored construction paper. Post the slogans on a bulletin board titled "New Beginnings."

July 13, 1977 A Power Blackout paralyzed New York City.

Book (1) writes "Blackout blues- Tell your (children) that during World War II, European countries routinely imposed nighttime blackouts in order to conceal their cities from enemy bombers. But the 1977 blackout in New York City was anything but routine. Make a ... list of the kinds of problems New Yorkers might have faced. Then have your (children) suggest safety precautions they might take at home to protect themselves and their families in case of a blackout." (This is a good lesson to go along with the beginning lessons Grandma has given you on safety-Learn about all kinds of safety features you and your children can take in your homes, in water, with people you thought you could trust, and those you know you can't, bicycling, walking, etc.)

July 13, 1985 A host of recording stars performed in the Live Aid
concerts held in Philadelphia and London, which raised
$70 million for famine relief in Africa.

July 13 is also known as Night Watch Day in the (eve of Bastille Day). It is also Obon in Japan.

July 14 is next with the following Birthdays:

July 14, 1912 Woody Guthrie, American folk singer, was born.

Book (1) writes "This land is your land-Woody Guthrie wrote more than 1,000 folk songs, including "This Land Is Your Land." Play a recording of this song for your (children). (and many more folk songs like it even by other stars.) Then ask them to cut out magazine pictures to illustrate the lyrics, pasting the pictures on sheets of construction paper containing the appropriate lines from the song. You might also have your (children) examine Guthrie's lyrics from an environmental perspective. For instance, they could use individual lines from the song to introduce reports on the ways our redwood forests and waters have been harmed."(This leads into our discussions and activities about, pollution etc. and recycling.)

July 14, 1927 Peggy Parrish, children's author who
created Amelia Bedelia, was born.

Book (1) has an activity here also called "Amelia Bedelia in a pickle-Mark the birthday of author Peggy Parrish by having your (children) read selections from some of her Amelia Bedelia stories. Then ...have (them) brainstorm for school situations in which Amelia Bedelia's literal-mindedness might get her into trouble. For instance, what would Amelia do in the computer room when whe had to "boot up" or "run" a program? Have (the children) write down their silly scenarios. Then encourage them to act out Amelia's misunderstandings."

Next are the events for July 14:

July 14, 1789 The Citizens of Paris Stormed the Bastille and
released its prisoners at the start of the French Revolution.

July 14, 1865 Edward Whymper became The First Person to Climb
the Matterhorn, a mountain on the Italian-Swiss border.

July 14, 1892 Civil War Veterans wounded in service
were granted a $50 monthly pension.

July 14, 1968 slugger Hank Aaron hit his 500th Home Run.

July 14, 1972 For the first time in a major league baseball game,
One Team's Catcher was the Brother of the Home Plate Umpire.
The catcher was the Detroit Tigers' Tom Haller; the umpire, Bill Haller..

July 14 is also Bastille Day and Blueberry Month

Book (1) says in "Delightful desserts-One day during Blueberry Month, invite your (children) to sample some fresh blueberries with sugar and cream. Then challenge the kids to write a mouth-watering description of this treat. Have them read their descriptions aloud, then hold a family vote for the best."

July 15th has only three birthdays but they have quite the activities with them:

July 15, 1606 Rembrandt, Dutch painter, was born.

Book (1) writes "Penetrating portraits-Rembrandt was one of the most influential European painters of the 17th century. While many of his contemporaries chose to paint royalty, his favorite subjects were everyday citizens of his homeland. Rembrandt aimed to portray his subjects' true personalities and tried to capture realistic facial expressions. During his career, he painted about 60 self-portraits. Show your (children) examples of Rembrandt's self-portraits, drawing their attention to his characteristic contrasting of light and dark. What do the children think the expressions on Rembrandt's face tell about the particular point in his life when the self-portrait was done? Ask your (children) to create their own self-portraits using paints, markers, colored pencils, or ink. What do their facial expressions say about them at this point in their lives?"

July 15, 1779 Clement Clarke Moore, American poet who wrote
"A Visit from St. Nicholas", was born.

Book (1) writes "Memorable poem-Tell your (children) that Clement Clarke Moore wrote "A Visit from St. Nicholas" for his six children. The poem, originally published in 1848, is still a seasonal favorite. How many of the verses can your (children) recall from memory? Write down your (children's) responses. Perhaps one child's line will trigger another's memory. Compare your (children's) version with the original. The kids might be surprised at how much of the poem has become a part of their literary heritage!"

Next we have the Events of July 15th:

July 15, 1870 Georgia became the Last Confederate
State Readmitted to the Union.

July 15, 1876 George Washington Bradley pitched the
First No-Hit Game in Major League History.

July 15, 1912 Jim Thorpe won his 15th event at the 1912 Olympics.

July 15, 1952 The First Transatlantic Helicopter Flight took place.

July 15, 1965 American scientists displayed Close-up Pictures
of the Planet Mars taken by the Mariner 4 spacecraft.

July 15, 1975 Apollo and Soyuz rockets blasted off for a planned
Rendezvous in Space.

July 15 is also Respect Canada Day and St. Swithin's Day (England).

July 16 will the last day on this blog because Grandma has a Unit from Book (57) for you on Space study to go with Space Week (week including July 20).

The birthdays are as follows:

July 16, 1723 Sir Joshua Reynolds, English portrait painter, was born.

July 16, 1872 Roald Amundsen, Norwegian explorer who
discovered the South Pole, was born.

Book (1) writes in "Heading south-Tell your (children) that Roald Amundsen and the members of his South Pole expedition took enough food and fuel to last 2 years. After traveling by ship to Antarctica, they lived on the continent for a year. They used dogsleds to finally reach the South Pole. Have your (children) use a world map to locate the South Pole. Then explain that nearly 99% of Antarctica is covered by ice. In some areas, the ice is 16,000 feet deep-- and the temperature drops to  -100 degrees F. No plants or animals live in the continent's interior. Have students brainstorm for words to describe Antarctica--for example, barren, snowy, frigid, icy, desolate. Then ask them to write a poem about this cold continent. Afterward, discuss why they think anyone would want to explore Antarctica." (This is a great lesson to go along with learning about 7 Continents.)

July 16, 1896 Trygve Lie, Norwegian diplomat and first
secretary-general of the United Nations, was born.

Book (1) writes "Preparing for peace-As the first secretary-general of the United Nations, Trygve Lie worked tirelessly for world peace. But his efforts could not prevent a variety of conflicts, including the Korean War. Ask your (children) if they think complete world peace is possible. Why or why not? What actions might countries take to move closer to peace? Have the (children) write a letter to the editor outlining some suggestions.

Next are the Events as follows:

July 16, 622 Followers of Mohammed fled Mecca for
Medina. This migration, which is termed The Hegira,
marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar.

July 16, 1439 An Act Prohibiting Kissing was passed in England
in an attempt to prevent the spread of disease.

July 16, 1548 La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, was founded.

July 16, 1790 The District of Columbia was established.

July 16, 1862 David Farragut became the First Rear Admiral In the U.S. Navy.

July 16, 1877 A Carrier Pigeon Beat a Train in a 70-mile
race from Dover to London, England.

July 16, 1935 The First Parking Meter was installed in Oklahoma City, Okla.

July 16, 1941 Joe Dimaggio's Record-Breaking Hitting
Streak Ended after 56 consecutive games. 

July 16, 1945 The First Atomic Bomb was tested in the desert near
Alamogordo, N.M. It produced a blast equivalent to the explosion
of 20,000 tons of TNT.

July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 lifted off from Cape Kennedy, Fla. Its
mission: the first manned moon landing.

Book (1) writes "Space-y news-To celebrate Space Week, ...ask each (child) to research what occurred during one day of Apollo 11's historic mission. Have (the children) begin with lift-off on July 16(day 1) and continue to the famous moon walk on July 20 (day 5). Then, each day during Space Week, have the appropriate (child) present a news report on the day's space adventures. (The Children) can choose to simulate a television or radio broadcast or write a newspaper article."

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