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First Part of August Summer Lessons

Posted on September 29, 2014 at 12:56 PM
Good morning folks! August 1st is a full day of Calendar History starting with the birthdays:

August 1, 1770 William Clark, American explorer and
coleader of the Lewis and Clark expedition, was born.

August 1, 1779 Francis Scott Key, author of
"The Star-Spangled Banner", was born.

August 1, 1818 Maria Mitchell, American astronomer who became
the first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences, was born.

August 1, 1819 Herman Melville, American author whose works
include Moby Dick, was born.

August 1, 1944 Gail Gibbons, children's author, was born.

Book (1) writes in "At the zoo( by the way, this ties in with June's lessons on the zoo)-Tell your (children) that Gail Gibbons was 4 years old when she created her first picture book. It was four pages long. Since then, Gibbons has written and illustrated more than 50 books. Many of her nonfiction books--including Clocks and How They Go, New Road, Sunken Treasure, and Zoo--have won awards. Before reading Gibbon's book Zoo to younger (children), help them list the kinds of responsibilities they think a zookeeper might have--for example, feeding animals, cleaning their cages, sweeping walkways, and answering visitors' questions. Have the children compare the list of responsibilities they come up with and those mentioned in the book."

Now we fall into the Events of August 1st:

August 1, 1774 British scientist Joseph Priestley successfully
Isolated Oxygen from Air.

August 1, 1790 The First U.S Census was taken.
It showed a population of 3,929,214.

August 1, 1834 An Emancipation Bill outlawed slavery in the British empire.

August 1, 1873 Inventor Andrew Hallidie successfully tested the
Railroad Cable Car he'd designed for San Francisco.

August 1, 1876 Colorado became the 38th state.

August 1, 1907 The U.S Army established the Aeronautical
Division of the Army Signal Corps, forerunner of the U.S Air Force.

August 1, 1914 Germany declared war on Russia, and
the First Fighting of World War I began.

August 1, 1946 The Atomic Energy Commission was
established to promote peaceful uses of atomic energy.

August 1, 1981 MTV(Music Television) premiered.

Book (1) says in "Music videos for young children-In honor of MYV's premiere, invite your students to create "music videos" for younger children. Different groups of (children) can perform old favorites--such as "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," "Animal Fair," "If you're Happy and You Know it," and "The Hokey Pokey"--while you operate the video camera. Encourage the children to create appropriate background scenery for their performances."

Next we move onto August 2nd with the following birthdays:

August 2, 1754 Pierre L'Enfant, American soldier and architect
who created the city plan for Washington, D.C., was born.

August 2, 1900 Holling Holling, children's author, was born.

August 2, 1946 James Howe, children's author, was born.

Book (1) writes in "Childhood dreams-When he was growing up, James Howe, the author of Bunnicula and Howliday Inn, often wondered about his future--where he might live, what he might do, and who his friends might be. He dreamed of many possibilities, but he never imagined he'd become a children's book author. Ask your (children) what they dream about. Then have them write dated letters to themselves about their dreams, seal the letters in envelopes, and give them to you. At the end of the school year, return the letters and ask the students to note how their dreams have changed, if at all. Encourage the kids to hold on to these letters for periodic "dream checking" and updating as they get older."

Next are the events for August 2nd:

August 2, 1776 Fifty members of the Continental Congress
signed the Declaration of Independence.  

August 2, 1858 The First on-the-Street Mailboxes were
installed in Boston and New York.

Book (1) has comments and an activity called "Red-letter days-Tell your (children) that before on-the-street mailboxes were introduced, people had to go to the post office to mail their letters. (People at some time might have even had to go to the post office to pick up their mail. In San Luis Rio Colorado people even prefer to get someone who has a green card pick-up their mail on the United States side of that border city from their mailboxes because they do not trust everything sent directly to their homes in Mexico. Those mailboxes that are in United States are also shared with two other people. It really is very scarey. Many people use others means of protection like Western Union, etc. to help them.
Another reason on-the-street mailboxes may have been nice because many houses may have been quite a walk from the road for the mailman to deliver from therefore these boxes made it easier for him.)
Older (children) might like to investigate other postal innovations., such as postage stamps, the pony express, and airmail. Younger (children) will enjoy having a classroom mailbox, which you can make by cutting a slot in the top of a large cardboard box. The kids can "mail" letters to you or to (other people in the family). And you can send letters to your (children). Each week, appoint a "letter carrier" to empty the box and deliver the letters.(This is the beginning of responsibilities and volunteering.)

August 2, 1909 The First Lincoln Penny was issued.

August 2, 1923 President Warren G. Harding died in office.

August 2, 1943 Navy lieutenant John F. Kennedy Rescued
Members of His Crew after their boat, PT-109, was sheared
in half by a Japanese destroyer.

August 2, 1977 Congress approved a bill to establish a
Federal Department of Energy.

August 2, 1978 The Movie Star Wars Surpassed Jaws as
the all-time leader in box-office receipts.

August 2, 1983 The U.S House of Representatives voted to
designate the third Monday in January a Federal Holiday
in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded its neighbor to the south, Kuwait.

The next day from Book(1) is August 3rd starts with the following birthdays:

August 3, 1887 Rupert Brooke, English poet, was born.

August 3, 1905 Maggie Kuhn, founder of the Gray Panthers, was born.

August 3, 1926 Mary Calhoun, children's author, was born.

Now for the Events:

August 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus Set Sail from Palos,
Spain, on the expedition that resulted in his discovery of America.

August 3, 1610 British navigator Henry Hudson entered the
body of water now known as Hudson Bay.

Book (1) writes about it in "Hudson's discoveries-Tell your (children) that between 1607 and 1611, Henry Hudson made four voyages to the New World in search of a passage to China around North America. During these voyages, Hudson discovered not only Hudson Bay but also the Hudson River and Hudson Strait. Pass out copies of a map showing the northeastern section of North America. Have students' locate the bodies of water discovered by Hudson on their maps, then color them." (Remember to include this in the lessons on explorers in the first part of the years lessons.

August 3, 1780 Benedict Arnold was put in charge of the
fortifications at West Point, N.Y., during the Revolutionary War.

August 3, 1852 Harvard defeated Yale in the First Intercollegiate
Rowing Race, on Lake Winnepesaukee, N.H.

August 3, 1882 Congress passed a Law to Restrict Immigration
imposing a 50¢ tax on all new arrivals.

(This could be used with the lessons on Ellis Island, where immigrants had to go through to be accepted into the United States.)

August 3, 1923 Calvin Coolidge became the 30th president
of the United States after the death of Warren G. Harding.

Book (1) writes in "The way to the White House-Calvin Coolidge, like such other vice presidents as Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, and Theodore Roosevelt, assumed the presidency after the death of the chief executive. Challenge your (children) to name the only vice president to take over for a president who was still alive. (Gerald Ford, who became president when Richard Nixon resigned.) Then ask the class to predict who would become president if the president and the vice president were unable to serve. Have the kids check their predictions by researching the line of succession. Afterward, have them illustrate their findings with a flowchart."

August 3, 1984 Mary Lou Retton became the First American
Woman to Win the Olympic Gold Medal in the All-Around
Gymnastics Competition.

August 3 is also of National Smile Week(first Monday in August through the following Sunday)
as Book (1) writes in "When you're smiling-To celebrate National Smile Week, hold a contest to see who can get the most people to smile. All during the week, have (children) nod and smile at people they meet (everywhere, which will teach what a difference it makes and why most towns like that are tourist stations or considered very happy towns, for it reflects). Encourage them to each keep scorecards noting the number of people who return their smiles. At week's end, give each child a certificate with smiley-face stickers."

Next is August 4th starting with the birthdays:

August 4, 1861 Jesse Reno, American engineer who invented
the escalator, was born.

August 4, 1912 Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat
who is credited with saving at least 100,000 Hungarian
Jews from deportation to Nazi concentration camps, was born.

August 4, 1958 Mary Decker-Slaney, American track star, was born.

August 4, 1962 Roger Clemens, American baseball star, was born.

Now for the Events:

August 4, 1790 The U.S. Coast Guard was established.

Book (1) writes in"Coast Guard crosswords-Tell your (children) that the U.S. Coast Guard began with a fleet of just 10 ships, called cutters. Now the Coast Guard uses cutters, small boats, airplanes, helicopters, lighthouses, and radio beacons to carry out its many responsibilities, which include preventing smuggling; locating and rescuing victims of accidents at sea; inspecting equipment and enforcing safety rules on merchant ships; icebreaking; monitoring compliance with environmental regulations; conducting oceanographic research; and aiding navigation. Have (the children) do a little reading about the Coast Guard and incorporate key terms they learn in a crossword puzzle. Then have (them) match wits by exchanging their crosswords.(Grandma feels this fits in with the safety learning of the children quite well.)"

August 4, 1875 Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen died.

As an activity in honor of Hans, Book (1) says in "Finger-puppet fairy tales-In memory of Hans Christian Andersen, get your (children) to read his famous fairy tales. Then have the children work create finger-puppet characters and act out the stories. After some practice, your (children) might perform their finger-puppet plays for younger children."

August 4, 1916 The United States bought the Western Virgin
Islands from Denmark.

August 4, 1922 The nation's 13 million telephones were silent for a moment
in tribute to Alexander Graham Bell on the occasion of his funeral.

August 4, 1944 The Nazis captured Anne Frank and seven others
who were hiding with her in a house in Amsterdam.

August 4 is also National Clown Week (the first full week in August) and Book (1) says in "Be a clown-During Clown Week, invite your (children) to brainstrom for words besides funny to describe clowns--for example, playful, jolly, clever, lively, amusing. Next have the kids come up with a list of words to describe how clowns make them feel. Their suggestions might include cheerful, merry, lucky, delighted, and thrilled. Write the words (down on a chart or something). Then have (the children) use the word lists to write poems about clowns. They can recite their works during "Be a Clown Day"--when (they) can ...(dress) as clowns."

Next is August 5th starting with the Birthdays:

August 5, 1850 Guy De Maupassant, French short-story writer, was born.

August 5, 1902 Robert Bright, children's author, was born.

August 5, 1930 Neil Armstrong, U.S. astronaut and the first
person to set foot on the moon, was born.

August 5, 1962 Patrick Ewing, American basketball player, was born.

Next are the Events for the day:

August 5, 1833 Chicago was incorporated as a village-with
43 houses and 200 people.

August 5, 1861 The U.S. Government Levied an Income Tax for the first time.

August 5, 1884 The cornerstone was laid for the Statue of Liberty.

Book (1) says in "Monumental tasks-Ask your (children) to explain what a monument is .Perhaps they'll suggest that a monument is a lasting symbol of a significant person, event, or ideal. Next, tell them that the Statue of Liberty, a gift to the United States from the government of Franco, symbolized friendship between the two nations as well as liberty under a democracy. Have your students name other local, national, or international monuments. What do these monuments honor or recognize?If your (children) were to have monuments symbolizing them, what would these monuments look like? Encourage each child to draw and color--or even build--a personal monument."

August 5, 1914 The First Electric Traffic Lights were installed in Cleveland.

August 5, 1924 The comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" first appeared.

August 5, 1957 "American Bandstand" Premiered on network television.

August 5, 1963 The United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union
signed a Treaty Banning Nuclear Tests in the atmosphere, in space,
and under water.

August 5, 1989 The observation deck of New York City's World
Trade Center received its 20 Millionth Visitor.

August 5 is also Halfway Point of Summer (45 or 46 days after the solstice) and National Greeting Card Day along with National Mustard Day. Book (1) has three following activities to carry out these events:

"Going halfway-Challenge your (children) to find other "halfway" points today. For instance, what's the halfway point of the school day, a story they're reading, lunchtime, or their (trip) somewhere?"

"Original greeting cards-Have your (children) brainstorm for all the occasions for which there are greeting cards. List these ideas .... Next, ...ask (the children) to think of occasions in people's lives for wihcih there aren't any greeting cards. Finally, have each (child) select one of these occasions and make an appropriate greeting card. Post the cards (somewhere)."

"Cutting the mustard-On National Mustard Day, conduct a survey to find out how many children like regular, spicy, or dijon mustard. On which foods do (each in the family) use mustard? Do any (of the family) not like mustard at all? Have the (children) graph the results."

The next day to learn about is August 6th with the following Birthdays:

August 6, 1809 Alfred, Lord Tennyson, English poet, was born.

August 6, 1881 Alexander Fleming, British bacteriologist who
discovered penicillin, was born.

August 6, 1909 Norma Faber, children's author, was born.

August 6, 1946 Frank Asch, children's author, was born.

August 6, 1965 David Robinson, basketball player, was born.

Now for the Events:

August 6, 1825 Bolivia declared its independence from Spain.

Book (1) has the following activity to follow it called "Name that country-Ask your (children) whom Bolivia was named for (Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan general and statesman who liberated much of South America from Spain). Then challenge the kids to think of another South American country named for a person (Colombia, named for Christopher Columbus.)"

August 6, 1890 Cy Young, baseball's winningest pitcher, appeared in
his first game.

August 6, 1926 Gertrude Ederle became the First Woman to
Swim the English Channel.

August 6, 1945 The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.

It is also considered Hiroshima Day. However, Book (1) writes it as "Contemplating Peace-On Hiroshima Day, use videotapes, films, or literature to introduce students to the cases and effects of America's use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. After a discussion, share with (the children) copies of books containing quotations, poetry, stories, or essays about peace. Encourage the children to review the books, then select a quotation, poem, or passage that holds meaning for them. (The children) can then write these words on strips of white paper. Post the strips (up somewhere.)" August 6 is also Peace Festival for Japan.

August 6, 1962 Jamaica gained its independence after more than three
centuries as a British possession.

August 6, 1965 President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act,
protecting the rights of black voters.

August 6 is also National Sandwich Month in which Book (1) gives an activity in "Class sandwich book-During National Sandwich Month, help your (children) develop a class sandwich recipe book. Gather a collection of cookbooks, and allow your (children) to browse through them for sandwich recipes. ... . (They should each copy the recipe for a sandwich they like (or would like to try) and illustrate it. Have them categorize the sandwiches--for example, meatless sandwiches, Hot sandwiches, exotic sandwiches--then compile the illustrated recipes into a ... book. Invite the kids to make their sandwiches day this month (have) a ...taste test."

Next is August 7 and following are the Birthdays:
August 7, 1742 Nathanael Greene, Revolutionary War general, was born.

August 7, 1779 Carl Ritter, German geographer considered one of
the founders of modern geographic science.

Book (1) says in "Geography in the news-Help (the children) discover how geography affects their daily lives. First, have them guess how many geographic references, maps, and charts they'll find in an edition of the daily newspaper. Then have them check their predictions by counting and clipping all the geographic references they can find from today's paper. Afterward, discuss how the news would be different without the science of geography."

August 7, 1903 Louis S. B. Leakey, English anthropologist and paleontologist,
was born.

August 7, 1928 Petsy Byars, children's author, was born.

Next comes the Events for August 7:

August 7, 1782 George Washington established the Badge of
Military Merit (Purple Heart) to honor wounded soldiers.

August 7, 1789 The War Department was created.

August 7, 1888 Theophilus van Kannel patented the Revolving Door.

August 7, 1927 The International Peace Bridge, commemorating
longlasting peace between the United States and Canada,
was dedicated. It connects Buffalo, N.Y., and Fort Erie, Ontario.

Book (1) established an activity around this called "Peaceful posters-To mark the dedication of the International Peace Bridge, ask your students to develop commemorative posters. Show the children photos or illustrations of the bridge. Next, have them brainstorm for images that symbolize peace, then work create their posters. Make sure each poster includes the date the International Peace Bridge was dedicated and the signatures of the ...artists. Display the posters (somewhere)."

August 7, 1959 The United States Launched Explorer VI,
which took the first pictures of earth from space.

Book (1) has and activity called "Travel tips for extraterrestrials-Share with your (children) photographs of earth from space. Then ask the kids to imagine how earth might seem to beings from other planets. Have them prepare a 7-day travel itinerary to help the aliens get acquainted with our planet. Mode of transportation: flying saucer, of course." ( In doing this activity take into consideration this book was made in 1993 and not much evidence was out in the open then. Now may be a different story and is worth the research if you can find the stories-start with You-tube. I tried to get a picture to save on my computer, it would not do it. I do not know why yet.)

August 7, 1963 The U.N. called on the South African government
to Abandon Apartheid.

August 7, 1990 President George Bush ordered a military buildup
in the Persian Gulf following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
The operation was called Desert Shield.

(Grandma has those few days put on tape-I may put them on DVD's)

August 7 is also National Scuba Diving Day which may be explained to the children.

The next day of interest  is August 8th with the following Birthdays:

August 8, 1763 Charles Bulfinch, American architect who designed
the state houses of Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut and
who succeeded Benjamin Latrobe as architect of the U.S. Capitol,
was born.

August 8, 1799 Nathaniel Brown Palmer, American sea captain believed
to be the first explorer to sight Antarctica, was born.

August 8, 1866 Matthew Henson, African-American polar explorer who
was a member of Robert Peary's North Pole expedition, was born.

August 8, 1896 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, children's author. was born.

Book (1) says in "Authors and animals-Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's bokk The Yearling is a poignant story of growing up. In it, a young boy learns to accept the tragic necessity of getting rid of his pet deer. Ask your students how they'd feel if they had to give up their pet. Encourage them to write a story about their pet." (Ask if a pet deer could be pinned up away from crops and kept-Grandma does not know. They do keep similar animals in zoos. Name other animals that have and could be a problem to keep.Do some research if you wish.)

August 8, 1937 Dustin Hoffman, American actor, was born.

Now Grandma will give you the Events for August 8:

August 8, 1588 Under Sir Francis Drake, The English Fleet Destroyed
the Spanish Armada off the coast of France.

August 8,  1786 The Silver Dollar and the Decimal System of Money
were adopted by an act of Congress.

August 8, 1911 Membership of the House of Representatives was fixed at 435.

August 8, 1974 President Richard Nixon Announced His Resignation, effective
the next day.

August 8 is also International Good Character Day and Middle Children's Day in which there are a couple of following activities:

"Displaying good character-For International Good Character Day, have your (children) brainstorm for positive character traits. Do these traits apply to people all over the world? Next, have the kids design character-trait license plates. Ask them each to print their first name in the center of an 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 sheet of paper, then write their character traits along the edges to create a border. The (children) can tape their plates to their (doors or the refrigerator, etc.)"

"In the middle-Are there any middle children in your (family)? Ask these (children or people) to describe the positive and negative aspects of holding this position in their families."

Next is a review of August 9th starting with the following Birthdays:

August 9, 1776 Count Amedeo Avogadro, Italian chemist and physicist who developed the table of atomic weights, was born.

August 9, 1914 Tove Jansson, illustrator, was born.

August 9, 1931 Seymour Simon, children's author, was born.

August 9, 1944 Patricia McKissack, children's author, was born.

Book (1) says "Family folktales-Patricia McKissack said her writing career began when she was in 3rd grade. She recalled the thrill of having a poem she'd written displayed on the bulletin board for others to read. Since she began writing professionally, McKissack has authored more than 40 children's books. One of her picture books--Flossie and the Fox--is based on a tale her grandfather used to tell her. (He named the characters after people in their family.) Read Flossie and the Fox to your (children). Then ask them to share tales told to them by their grandparents or other family members. Or have them make up their own folktales based on people in their families. Compile their stories into a "Family Folktales" booklet.

August 9, 1963 Whitney Houston, American singer, was born.

Now for the Events of August 9:

August 9, 1638 Jonas Bronck became the first European settler
in what is now the Bronx, N.Y., which was named after his family.

August 9, 1936 Jesse Owens Won the Last of His Four Gold
Medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. 

Book (1) says in "Olympic triumphs-Tell your (children) that in the years preceding World War II, German leader Adolf Hitler and his Nazi propagandists proclaimed the superiority of the "Aryan race." Hitler believed that the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin would support his racial theories. He was wrong, Jesse Owens and nine other African-Americans--whom HItler had called members of an "inferior race"--led a U.S. team that dominated the sprints, hurdles, and field events. Owen's brilliant performances in particular deflated the Aryan myth. Ask your (children) to find out the events in which Owens's brilliant performances in particular deflated the Aryan myth. Ask your students to find out the events in which Owens won medals. Then challenge them to find out the other African-Americans who won medals at the Berlin Olympics. (John Woodruff, 800-meter run; Cornelius Johnson, high jump; Ralph Metcalfe, 400-meter relay and 100-meter dash.) Have the kids use their information to make posters honoring Jesse Owens and his fellow African-American Olympians."

August 9, 1945 The United States dropped its Second Atomic
Bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II.

In honor of this event and sorrow there is now a service observed in Peace Memorial Park in Nagasaki, Japan called a "Moment of Silence".

August 9, 1974 Gerald Ford became the First Nonelected
President to assume office after the resignation of Richard Nixon.

August 9, 1988 The First Night Baseball Game at Wrigley field in
Chicago was played.

August 9, 1989 General Colin Powell became the First Black Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Next is August 10th beginning with the Birthdays:

August 10, 1753 Edmund Randolfh, General George Washington's
aide-decamp during the Revolutionary War, was born.

August 10, 1874 Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the United States,
was born.

August 10, 1959 Rosanna Arquette, American actress, was born.

Following are the Events:

August 10, 1519 The First Recorded Around-The-World Voyage began
in Seville, Spain, under the command of Ferdinand Magellan.

August 10, 1821 Missouri became the 24th state.

Book (1) says in "Statehood status-Tell your (children) that Missouri gained statehood only after Congress engineered the "Missouri Compromise" of 1820. This compromise, which maintained the ratio of non-slave states and slave states--allowed Missouri, a slave state, to simultaneously enter the Union with a non-slave state. Challenge your students to find out which state entered the Union with Missouri."

August 10, 1845 The U.S. Naval Academy was established at
Annapolis, Md.

August 10, 1846 Congress Chartered the Smithsonian Institution,
founded with $500,000 bequeathed by English scientist James Smithson.

Book (1) writes in "Student-run"Smithsonian"-To celebrate the chartering of the Smithsonian Institution, invite your (children) to create a "mini-Smithsonian" exhibit at (your home). (The children) can ask (your family and friends) to temporarily loan appropriate items from their personal memorabilia and collections. (If items can't be loaned, (the children) can photograph them and display the pictures (maybe keep them in a book later.) (Give special tasks to each child) to handle various aspects of the exhibit. Duties might include maintaining an inventory of exhibit items, preparing an exhibit catalog, designing the exhibit space, selling admission tickets, publicizing the event, installing the exhibit, and ensuring that the exhibit is guarded. Hold a by-invitation-only opening for (family, and friends)."

August 10, 1949 The War Department was renamed the Department of Defense.

August 10, 1972 The Only Meteorite Known to Have Entered the Earth's
Atmosphere and Left it flew in over Utah and departed the atmosphere
over Alberta, Canada."

(This seems awfully strange to Grandma that they
even just consider it a Meteorite.)

Book (1) gives "Mysterious meteorite-Ask your (children) to speculate about the meteorite that flew in and out of the earth's atmosphere. Where did the meteorite come from? Why didn't it hit the earth? What happened to it after it left the earth's atmosphere? Encourage the kids to conduct some background research. Then have them create fact-based science fiction stories about this mysterious meteorite."

(This will be all Grandma will give you now-I am so sorry for not getting it to you sooner. The next 10 days should be right away and then the last eleven days.)

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