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Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

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Thoughts on Homeschooling

Posted on March 5, 2017 at 11:58 PM
Before I go into Day 110 and more of March lessons, I want to make some comments on an article of a MSN headline I saw on Bing in my computer today about home schooling. I know there is plenty written about home schooling and if it is good for our children. I could and did not do regular home schooling for my boys in Nebraska because it was not legal at the time. I wish I could have but they felt the schooling they had was ok. They both went on to college and were in the gifted classes because they were very smart. I did give them what extra I could through their learning. One majored in Physics, the other in business and sells Insurance now. Ten years later my girl was born and she is still as lovely at 30 years old come the 17th of this month. I struggled very hard to homeschool her but things did not go so well after she was 10. However, she was on honors in what classes she had to take and was in one of the best High Schools here in Omaha. She is very brilliant to this day and still learns very well. She and I discussed this article together and compared how much better an environment she was in and what good it gave here to be home schooled compared to the public school.
The article was about these two lawyer women and a man who had all three been home schooled.  It talked about how they felt with home schooling themselves as well as some bad situations they had heard about. They felt home schooled children should have more of a say on what they want to do and felt many were put in jeopardy. As my daughter was growing she felt the same way and I feel my mom was some of the influence. Now that she is totally grown and the pearls she went through in the public schools she feels completely different. They said some children were abused and neglected and others said they were just given a text book and expected to learn on their own. I know there must be the same amount of advantages in home schooling as the guy pointed out for he and his siblings as regular school children and plenty more as well as a certain percent of disadvantages in regular schooling. I seen a lot of advantages those lawyer women were not seeing.
These home schooled lawyers wanted people in charge of the Home schooling programs to get tougher regulations and the people in charge say it would be the wrong way to go. However, I do feel They could ask mentors and parents alike a few simple questions about how they feel learning should go about and how they feel about children and teaching them to pin point some problems in evaluations to check-out on things. I would like some opinions on this. Now that my children are grown, I see that teens really do not know what is best for them but parents should not put too much control either because it can make a problem also.

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I congratulate you on the fact you succeeded on homeschooling your daughter on her early age. Homeschooling is not for everyone, a parent should be committed in order for it to be effective. One of the main difference between regular schooling and homeschooling is the environment. On homeschooling, a parent can create a flexible schedule that suits the learning phase of their children, whereas on normal schooling, as per your daughter said, some children were neglected and expected to learn on their own. Parents can also spend more time on difficult concepts and move ahead only after their kids master the lesson. That's why I totally agree with you about the person in charge of Homeschooling programs to teach parents how to properly evaluate the progress of their children's learning.
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