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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning


Day 1

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 12:33 AM
Day 1 of Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center
Safety-part of Social studies, themselves, and health(30 minutes)
As I was telling parents who home school the first lesson in learning should be around Safety. By showing the children the map you have drawn out of your home. You can explain to the children where to go in case of a fire or any other disaster. You can discuss what each person can do in case of certain things that may happen. You can use more than 1 map if necessary.
7 Continents(10 minutes)-Social Studies
Then talk about the map itself and our house is a map but that there is all kinds of maps of towns, cities, states or provinces, and how those states are in countries and countries are in what we call Continents. Go on to explain that we have divided our world(Earth seven of these different continents-North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and Africa). Tell them how each land is different, the people are different, and we all have things to learn from each other. It is best to use a globe or a world map of some kind.
Schools(15 minutes)-History
Go on to explain that in all those countries on those 7 Continents that children go to school as they learn about  the 7 Continents and our Country of the United States. Then go on to explain that there are all kinds of schools in this world and some of our schooling here in the United States is done at home by parents through a home education program as ours. Explain to them how schooling used to be much like theirs in the beginning. They were taught from the yards of thier homes. Until some people from here and Germany decided to change all that. They began making special lessons and tools to use for learning. Let your children know that in a book Grandma has called Book 1 Learning Magazine's Day by Day All-Year-Long Book illustrated by Bob Walsh, published in 1993 by Springhouse Corporation it is said under April 23, 1635  That the oldest school in the U.S. was under Frederick Froebel. Explain how we all must attend some type of schooling because it is the law a rule by our governments. Then go on to talk about how we all have laws and rules to abide by and that your home being a school for home schooling must be set up with rules like laws of our government that controls what happens to us. Go on to look at and draw various schools.
Rules(15 minutes)-Social Studies and History
Go on to discuss your rules in your home as a home school (It might be good to make a list of these or have one made out before you talk about it) and then go into a discussion about our government and how it began and how people from all these other Continents( excluding Antarctica-explaining why) and other countries on our Continent- North America came to United States. Then go on to explain more about our country and how we will be learning about its beginning also with all these other people , how we began as people and how everything started.
Selves(15 minutes)-History
Then go on to explain how there is a lot of controversy about how we first orriiginated on this earth. Explain how a scientist Darwin has a theory, not quite proven yet that we adapted from apes, then go on to explain how they also say that Dinosaurs(showing your children pictures of dinosaurs) were on earth a long time before us but some people have pictures of man's foot in the sand at the time of the dinosaurs. Explain how many of us believe as the Bible says that God put us on in a Garden of Eden and he had formed everything about us like magic including the animals and our planets showing them pictures of Planets. (If you need any Grandma can pull some from her Pinterest. She has gobs of them there. Then go on to explain how we do believe we looked like what we call cavemen. Find some pictures of them. There may be some books at the library for the older children or look them up on the computer to see if there are any. See if there is anything can be learned about them. Grandma knows from some things Grandma found on the computer that they have found remains of Giants. Talk about it. Grandma has pictures of Smurfs decorated as cave men in a coloring history book for young children to help concept by. There might be a video or movie for the children at the library if you ask them. We have a comedy song one my granddaughter has loved.
Art and Math(35 minutes)
The older children could draw pictures of Cavemen maybe even of thier favorite character dressed as a Cave man or woman. Then the younger could help color it or they could all do their own drawings. Let them use example pictures they may find. Grandma can send one of the smurf;s to you if you wish. Then they could either  draw rocks or dinosaurs and do math with them. Use your imagination.
Writing And Language(30 minutes)
To end the lessons for younger children go through the alphabet with them and if they do not already know explain it to them. Then make a list of some of the first words for them to learn are I, me, a, an , and, the, or, we, us, and is. Others could be his, hers, he, she, and they, yours and you. Go on to explain expecially for older students rules, Continent, Country, school, planets, self, caveman, woman, dinosaur as the younger may learn some of them also. Let even older students pick some of thier own words to learn and list, maybe from something they are reading or out of the lessons. Whatever book you may be covering can be used for my classes because your child may have already read something I would suggest. Try to keep to the classics first. Read others on the side. In what they are showing me on internet The Great Gatspy is still on the top of the list. It was a book we studied in High School. I collected some writing ideas for children on my Pinterest. One of those was of a cartoon boy like person with writing paper across the abdomen to write on. Older children could help with this idea and have it made out for the younger ones. Otherwise it is all on your shoulders or if someone else is helping you. I thought it was real cute. It could even be of a cave person or a dinosaurs.
Reading(30 minutes for younger children and longer for older children)
Read about dinosaurs, older children could also look up things on the interent and do extra reading. Older students could also be catagorizing animals. through books and the internet or just looking at them. Grandma would not let them go outside to collect things unless your other children can sleep past the older ones going in and out.
P.E.(30 minutes or more)
When they wake up they could have a snack of cavemen sandwiches by using lunch meat for the faces ,lettuce as hair, pickles, mayonaise and mustard as features. Grandma  just made that one up.Then the children could go outside and play soccer, baseball, or look for insects if they wish. Remember it is still summer and very hot here in Omaha. Then make supper together and get ready for the next day.

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