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Grandma's Place A Natural Learning Center

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center

Is The Best Place for Learning

Team Biographies(Go to Lessons)

Our people of Home Schooling Program at Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center are among the most talented in the industry. Some things have changed in our Home Schooling program in which Eva and her mother no longer live with Grandma; Grandma is in Arizona and Mexico now. Mom is in Washington state and going to be married soon. Eva is living with her dad for now. Grandma is making more partners in her program. Mom is no longer working as a Physical Therapist but cleans apartments and sells things. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you. There are more pictures at the end of the page in which Grandma uses on Facebook like the one of herself she places her business on in the Fan page. She displays the Tiger here in front because she feels like a Tiger running the business, very strong forward.


Being the strong one in Home Education Program of home schooling. Grandma is the one who has had 6 years of college for teaching while watching 10 children in her home. Even though she was teaching before that. For she had also taught many in Sunday School. She never wanted to teach in the public schools but wanted to start a Natural Learning Center for home schoolers. In otherwords she knows what has to be done. Now she has a whole set up of a Home Education Program. For besides her education and experience: she is a cancer survivor, and had been in charge of getting the houses fixed. She handled the money, sometimes not so good, but a lot has been done for her family. She is now struggling with bad arthritis in her knees and can't move so fast. However, she has a lot to accomplish yet and I hope you are part of it. It did not matter that the college messed up her records when the student teacher thought she was not good enough. For Grandma struggled to make her English grades. Then in student teaching she let the children in her first five minutes of looking over papers and correcting the children use "But" and "And" at the beginning of the sentences. The student teacher she was under jumped all over her case and told her she did not belong in teaching. She pulled out to make sure she was doing ok. Then she realized all the books she read to the children through the years started sentences with "But' and "And". Therefore she found it was natural for her to do this. Then she found out from the college she was ok. The next semester she asked to the college to come back in and because the college had not finished records it messed up her chances to get her certificate. She talked to the lawyers for advice. They said she could sue them but she would have to get a certain statement from them. She did not know at that time she could have talked to the Dean. For the counselor of education told her once it was sent through the counsel of the school there was nothing she could do. In Grandma's upset she did not understand that the counselor also stated she could at least get her degree. Then it was too late seven years later in talking to a Librarian in California that most fiction was written that way because the schools do it that way in which most fiction was written using 'but' and 'and' at the beginning of sentences as well as journals. He said that the schools are the ones that decided should only learn to theme write with these rules.have At that time she realized even adult fiction was written that way even newspapers. Grandma never really wanted to teach in the public schools anyway because she did not agree with everything they did. She wanted to start a center for home schoolers. Unfortunatelly it was never suppose to happen that way either. She has spent 15 years asking God what he does want. That is why she is so excited about this site. Because she realizes she has become an entrepreneur educator with a good process for learning. It has been developed very strong through the years. She went to college because she learned she could really relate to children well and never dreamed she would be offering it on line through the Internet. I, Eva, want to have her child care and Home Education Program in her home when I grow up. I want to work with animals on the side which we are hoping can happen too. Grandma learned beginning nursing when she was young. For she had a great interest in it after seeing her mother, my Great Grandma, who is now 84, become a nurse and know how good a one she was also. Grandma found out she liked it very much but took it one more step further to teach. However she still has her interests in it. She is deeply into health issues. She has read a lot and listens to things. She has done demos and learned a lot of things. One of those involved a very special doctor by the name of "Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins." She has seen the health food pyramid change and various phylosophies of foods be introduced because of his work. One of Grandma's sons and his wife have lost weight on his plan. Grandma probably would too if she would stay away from fat, sugar enough, and stick to her excersize routine. Which may happen soon. However, one of her cancer doctors told her that whatever she was doing it did make a difference in the cancer they studied from her hysterectomy. Grandma also knows it is necessary for her to do more than normal sitting right now. She knows it has been hard because of the arthritis in her knees also. She knows some more movement in them will help eventually here once she gets her routine started constantly. She also likes lots of food. Grandma also has connections to a few health drinks that have worked for others. However everything costs money. Grandma has also done a lot of movement in fixing and cleaning her houses, caring for children, and other happenings that may have affected things in her health. Grandma says the value she gained on the houses is well worth the work and time. She says that along what she has learned and given strenth and time to it will pay in the end. For she has been sold lots of materials on real estate, learned how to decorate and make flowers. she said she has an interest in crafts and has learned a lot of things to do with her sewing. She says even in watching children for parents and making nothing she has gained value in her background. She said the Bridal Store had taught her marketing and she is even learning more now. Grandma feels even though her daughter and mom get after her about her home she knows it has not been an easy road and that it is not easy to have as much learning in her home as she has. She does feel the decorating of her home is unique and her home is unique. She also knows how to make a home conservative and modern and that she has done pretty good. Therefore she feels motivated to direct parents in learning how to fix their homes also. She says she is glad we have come to live with her anyway even if she along with us are what make it a mess anyway. She said that even though we have been through some hard times and even with her Internet work the house will soon get better. Owning and running a business makes a difference when your time is important to your family. Grandma hopes she can offer help to parents in this direction soon also. She says she is hoping grandpa can finally be able to retire. For she has a lot to accomplish yet and is glad she can now be able to pay her bills off and enjoy feeding all of us. Because on the Internet she will be selling some books soon that will also help in those areas. She said in the coming time there will be more and more to offer the public and possibly us too.

Grandma's daughter-Andrea

She is very talented, intelligent, and caring. She came to live with Grandma to help her and is teaching us a lot about our world. Besides giving Grandma more focus into her purpose of her Home Education Program, she has also given her information on health issues even though Grandma disagrees with doctors that peroxide does not help the ears because she has living proof it does. Just like all medicine it is how and when it is done. Andrea, my mom, is a massage therapists and believes in the Eastern natural medicine not the Western values. She does a lot of study based on our history and what is happening in our world today. Her and Grandma have their differences but they do see I to I on some things. Grandma is also learning some from her daughter. She is good guidance and direction. Grandma just would like her daughter to be able to sway a little and not believe everything she wants to interpret and reads either. She wants her to have an open mind also. Andrea however has took it on to be very independent and it hard for her to see what Grandma tries to give direction and guidance in to her. Even though we all three can be very radical. My mother, Andrea, has some home schooling to do herself. Andrea has terrible allergies especially to the cats. However, she loves all the animals and has brought many wild cats to Grandma to feed. She has also trained the horses with a friend Helping her-which she was suppose to be the most allergic to-. My mom is very talented not only with animals and in medicine but science, history, dancing, and construction of houses. Our Grandma's Grandpa built two of them himself after he worked for the Railroad, helped other people for several years upon loosing his farm, and had designed leather work on stuff( a trade learned from his father who played the fiddle for church dances). Andrea, my mother, helped me develope my dancing of the Monster Walk for my talent show and she learned it herself in one day,

I am Grandma's granddaughter, Eva

I know a lot about many things. I am an A student in class even though school is not my favorite place, I do like going to Miller Park here in Omaha. Grandma does try home schooling me on the side with her home education program, which is hard for me at times. I do not like history any better than grandma. Grandma says it will pay off one day what we do with the time line for my learning. I do love hearing grandma read and I read to her. We share many things and I want her Natural Learning Center one day; therefore, she tries very hard to keep it for me. I do love learning about animals, one of my favorites is the wolf. There is a lot people do not understood about them. I also like doing experiments. I love acting out stories with children we watch and playing dress-up. One of my favorite dolls are the monster high dolls. However I have many stuffed animals, games, types of dolls, books, and toys. My mother and I have brought two cats from the wild and one was a Siamese kitten my mom raised as a small kitten, me and Grandma the rest of the way. She had also brung in a kitten Grandma had to meow like a kitten to get it to come to her to eat. Then we caught a baby we believe was the baby of the other. He seemed to direct her like a father and taught her how she had to sit on humans laps and like to be petted. Grandma says she showed her she understood by stop having tangles in her hair when Grandma told her she was either going to have to brush her more often or she was going to have to quit having so many tangles. She said that cat spent the rest of the day pulling out all her tangles then none from then on. She gave her three or four sets of kittens to give away to pet stores. Grandma says I had three little white kittens we raised out of one set that I could set them anywhere I wanted them to be and they would stay there until a renter let one after another out the door. My friend, I , and Grandma rescued a very loving female cat I call Calico. She is very smart too and looks very beautiful. She likes to lay down with me and be petted. She likes to stay in the house now and doesn't go out. I also have a big black dog we adopted from a puppy. I love to take her for walks, she is a lab and very loving also. My mom loves to train her with treats. She is very smart also. I really do want to have horses someday. Horse training seems to run in the family. I have many heritages in by blood, not only the Irish, Scotch, English, and German of my mother but the Mexican of my father's side which makes me very close to my Grandma who is white and my Grandpa who is hispanic, although I feel very American, Grandma can see traits.

Facebooks picture with the explanation of Grandma for her granddaughter.

Because Eva loves the wolves and Grandma did not have a picture of her self for Home Education Program for home schooling, this is very well known.


This is finally a picture of Grandma, the founder and owner of Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center in which our Home Education Program originated and is still in use.

Grandma's Place Of Natural Learning Center